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“What sets apart the Case Status team is the knowledge. My Project Manager was great keeping the north star on track. Our optimization consultant brought the knowledge and held our hand through the launch, taking a personal interest in our success. And, you know, all big IT projects like these have bumps. But even those were resolved quickly and addressed by our executive sponsor proactively. I’ve worked with big tech names in deploying technology and the Case Status team was top of the list.”
Diana Singson, Esq. (COO)

Marc Whitehead & Associates, like many firms, had a list of growing pains and challenges they needed to address as they came to the end of the year. Operational efficiency was at the top of the list. The reactive nature of responding to client inquiries, calls and emails took time away from core efforts and their clients waiting longer than desired for answers and updates. As such, the firm wanted a win-win: a way to improve the staff productivity while at the same time driving up client satisfaction, to enable more reviews and referrals. But that is just part of the story. There were other Finance and IT prioritization challenges; the firm was facing changes to banking relationships and the medical record system. How could the team address all these challenges in parallel and how could they find a partner that embodied the same core, client-centered philosophies they know are so important?

‍As they evaluated solutions to the staff efficiency and client satisfaction challenges, Marc Whitehead & Associates gravitated toward client portal solutions. They realized the need for a full platform that tied into their back-office operation. They found the perfect partner in the Case Status team. First and foremost, the technology hit the high marks on what the clients would prefer: engagement and communications consolidated on the client’s smartphone via a 5-star app. The platform would also integrate into the case management solution running on the firm’s Litify system. But equally important as the technology and platform were the people in the process. From interest to consideration to purchase to onboarding to implementation, Marc Whitehead found the team of experts needed for each step of the process.

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