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CaseyAI is Applied-AI

When AI is running where and when you need it, tasks become easier, faster, & even more human

Consider the use-case of a CaseyAI powered recommended response to an incoming message

  • CaseyAI models are trained on your data, predicting the best responses for your firm
  • Once selected, staff can still edit & refine before sending
  • Quick actions to easily edit the responses to be shorter, more professional, more casual, etc. that make editing the content a breeze and fit the tone the user desires
  • Selections & edits further train CaseyAI; vote for the best responses improve future results
  • CaseyAI can also translate these messages into 138 different languages!

CaseyAI is here to help

Become a leader in legal client services and win new clients at scale

Built-in AI at the Ready

AI is most powerful when seamlessly applied at the right place & the right time. CaseyAI is ready to help you right where work gets done. You don't even have to call out, "hey CaseyAI!"

Power of Firm Data

CaseyAI is made strong for your needs with your law firm's engagement data. Unlike other models that leverage outside sources agnostic to your firm, CaseyAI uses your firm's voice.

Anticipate & "See" Forward

CaseyAI has the power to be a predictor of future events by connecting the complex dots hidden in your data.  Client Engagement is on a whole new level when you can proactively anticipate the next interaction.

Key Features

CaseyAI is the staff member who helps all other staff members.  CaseyAI is always working, 24x7, and never takes sick leave or vacation.

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Larry Serbin
Partner Attorney

“We are a client-centered & results oriented, full-service law firm and Case Status has helped us to modernize this approach to make it more scalable. Case Status is our 5-star client engagement app which allows us to meet our clients where they are: on the go.”

"CaseyAI, akin to resistance bands for chin-ups, revolutionizes client engagement by doing the heavy lifting and empowering faster workflows."

Ryan McKeen
Founder of Connecticut Trial Firm

“Case Status allows us to tell our clients, 'All of the questions you can ever think of are going to be answered in this App. The firm can answer them for you as well, just message us.' That's when the client knows they are with the right law firm. And that trust and confidence carries all the way through to the trial."

Streamline Your Legal Workflow with AI Technology

Become a leader in legal client services and win new clients at scale

CaseyAI Response

CaseyAI continually trains on your law firm's data, enhancing responses daily with insights from messages, communications, website content, and team feedback. Seamlessly integrated into your workflow, CaseyAI predicts the optimal client message response, boosting quality, response speed, and efficiency.

Detailed responses convey thoroughness, enhancing client engagement and perception of your legal team.

Mockup showing Casey AI responses
Mockup showing Casey AI translate feature

CaseyAI Translate

Imagine hiring a staff member to your firm that could speak 138 different languages. It may seem impossible, but that is exactly what CaseyAI brings to the table. You can configure each client with their preferred language and CaseyAI does the rest.

Whether you are sending a 1:1 message or a bulk message, or looking at a message thread months after it was sent, CaseyAI gives you instantaneous translation right in the messages UX.

CaseyAI Mood

Coming Soon!

What if you could predict  client sentiment before you ever asked for sentiment feedback? What if their engagement score could give you insight into how you needed to engage next? CaseyAI builds on the Client Feedback Tracker feature by using meaningful engagement data to deduce how a client is trending: happy, unhappy or somewhere in between.

With this information, your team can be proactive in engagement to disrupt unfavorable behavior or to double down on happy clients.

Mockup showing Casey Mood feature

“...very strong and well organized. They even have an app the tracks your case live so you know exactly how your case is proceeding.”

David B.
to Pond Lehocky Giordano

“...has a client portal used for communication and if I sent a message, I never went 24 hours without a response from someone on the team.”

Sam W.
to Richard Harris Law Firm

“I could always reach a representative of the firm through the Case Status app that gave me a detailed progress and where I could look at the entire process on my case right from my phone.”

Tawana T
to Saiontz and Kirk

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