About Us

Case Status was created by a lawyer who had hundreds of clients and no scaleable way to keep them informed on the status of their case.

Our Mission:
To radically transform the way law firms engage with their clients.  
Core Values:
Radically Disruptive
We make a point to go above and beyond in everything we do. Through creativity, diligence and clear expectations, we proactively challenge the status quo, embrace failure, and adapt when necessary for the greater good of the mission.  

Actively Curious
Making an impact on our customers and their clients matters deeply to us. When our customers are faced with challenges, we take an active role in pursuing solutions with a desire to delight them at every chance. We are curious in our approach, we are humble in our execution, and confident in our vision.

Team Dedicated
Being fully committed means being dependable, taking responsibility for challenges, sharing accolades widely, and checking our egos at the door. We value a strong culture, and contribute to its success by taking care of each other, growing professionally, and celebrating our accomplishments.
Leadership at Case Status
Andy Seavers
CEO / Co-Founder
Charles Lane
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Chuck Alsdurf
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Greg Taylor
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
Jason Romanosky
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Leah Fontaine
Director of Product
Matt Mallin
Vice President of Enterprise Sales
Paul Bamert
Vice President of Product Marketing
Rob Heise
Vice President of Customer Success
Shayne Hiatt
Vice President of Account Management