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Multiply the effectiveness of your staff by automating low yield tasks at scale.

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You Need More Hours

Stop Working Weekends to Make-up Time!

Case Status is Your Radical Time Machine

Although we cannot traverse time & space, we can save you and your team real time. Case Status is Front-Office technology that works for YOU. Take those expected, mundane tasks off your plate and focus on the legal professional work again.

“Case Status gives us time back with automation. We are spending less time on the phone & less time on reminders."

Wendy Mejia
Lyfe Law
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"We are a small team. We are saving over 2.5 staff weeks a year with Case Status" - Hannah Tansel
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"I'm saving 5 hours per week!" - Blade Thompson
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Be Excited When The Phone Rings

Proactively keep clients in the loop on what staff is working on, cutting out unnecessary phone calls. When the phone rings, make sure it’s new business.

Guaranteed Client Touchpoints

Safeguard against clients falling through the cracks and and always know that you are exceeding your ethical duty of care by keeping clients informed about their case.

Keep Staff from Being Overwhelmed

Automate daily repetitive communication and tasks so that staff can focus on bringing more value to their cases.

Benefits of Automating with Integrations

Integrations to Your Case Management Solution Amplifies Automation
- Eliminate Double Entry
- Trigger Client Workflows
- Quickly collect Client Data (Documents, Notes, Etc.)

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The integration with Litify is seamless, and I cannot say that about all vendors we use with Litify. Our clients are going to love being in the loop with Case Status. To me, Case Status is a no-brainer.

- Michael Agruss, Agruss Law Firm

Case Status Will Save You Time
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First, the implementation process was surprisingly quick. Despite the sophistication of our systems and processes, implementation only took a few weeks.

Second, we saw an instant reduction in the number of phone calls from clients. That number dropped 30% in 30 days.

Third, thanks to our implementation of a Net Promoter Score survey with a built-in Google review component, we’ve seen an 800% increase in the number of Google reviews over the past few months.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Firm

We believe new software should be easy to adopt, and it should be exciting and fun to implement because it’s for the benefit of your clients. Start incorporating best practices in client management alongside the other thought leaders and innovators in the industry.

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