Seamlessly Brings Partner Attorneys Into Your Practice

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Up-Level Your Brand
When You Expand Your Practice

You Landed the Client,
Now Own the Relationship Forever

• Invite the visiting attorney into the Case Status Case
• Maintain privacy as they only see the case they're working
• They use the entire platform & deliver the on-brand experience
• Dashboards & Insights allow you to manage the attorney just like one of your own staff - keeping an eye on all communications and customer satisfaction scores

Navigating The World Of Co-Counsel Relationships
Plaintiff Magazine
- Co-counsel relationships between attorneys at different law firms is increasingly common.
- Have good intentions for the client
- Can have disastrous consequences for firm and client
- Best Practices: Know your counsel, know your case, have a written agreement


The client hired your firm via online reviews & referrals in their network. By running engagement with the visiting attorney through Case Status, they will have high client satisfaction with the firm, not the attorney.

Lifetime Value

Happy clients are clients for life, driving 5-star reviews and referrals to their friends and family. Since you will maintain the brand relationship, you will reap the rewards.


Bringing in additional
“contracting” skills into your firm
through visiting counsel gives you access to a larger legal
services market and the ability to drive bigger results.

Expand Your Expertise

Co-Counsel agreements are on the rise because you can gain specialized knowledge required for competent representation in a case. Now you don't have to shy away from these arrangements and can have the confidence that your business will benefit if you seek a little help from your friends.


Your practice might be limited by legal borders that are constantly exceeded by your powerful brand and your potential clients. When a consumer in need of legal services finds the right team in your firm, don't shy away from the business just because they need counsel in another jurisdiction. Build your business through co-counsel.


Lawyers refer-out business for a variety of reasons, including overflow work or the work is outside of a lawyer’s core competencies. When your marketing and intake is really taking off and hiring full-time staff is stalled or slow moving, have confidence that you can deliver with the help of outside counsel.

“With Co-Counsel functionality, managing outside attorneys is a breeze. Our
administration team invites and grant specific access to the Case Status platform for that attorney and for that particular case. In other words they see only what they need to see. All other matters and cases, not related, are kept private and secure. All our Case Status key features run business as usual: Stage mapping, message templates, process automations, checklists, messaging and client sentiment scoring will all run as normal. We keep an eye on 1:1 communications and sentiment scoring to make sure the partner attorney is keeping pace with our team.”
With Case Status, 93% of clients open the Case Status app and find what they are looking for without contacting their law firm.
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