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Filevine lets you customize their case management software for your area of practice. You can centralize all case information, focus more attention on your clients, and never miss a deadline.

Filevine Firms Drive Delight & Growth

We are the Leading Client App Portal & Messaging Platform for Law Firms. Our Integration to Filevine will radically transform how easily you can engage with your clients in a more delightful way. Happy clients will drive business growth.

Client Adoption of the Case Status 5-star App
Client Satisfaction as measured by NetPromoter (-100 to +100)
5-star Google Business Reviews in First Year
Happy Client Dierect Referral Growth in First Year

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Drives Results

Client Engagement

We help Filevine firms drive client engagement by giving a window into all the great work your team is doing on their case. Say goodbye to calls and emails asking, "What's going on in my case?"

Enhanced Communication

We compliment Filevine with communication automation, mass messaging & a platform that is always in reach: on your client’s smartphone via a 5-star app.

Grow The Law Firm Business

We are radically-focused on improving client satisfaction, lowering OPEX, driving 5-star reviews, & growing new business through referrals.


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Google Chrome Store

Download Case Status for Google Chrome today!

Google Chrome Store

Download Case Status for Google Chrome today!

Interested in Filevine?

Learn more about Filevine as a Practice Management Platform. Book a demo with Filevine today.

Interested in Filevine?

Learn more about Filevine as a Practice Management Platform. Book a demo with Filevine today.

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Filevine is a comprehensive legal case management software, crafted by legal experts for optimal customization, workflow efficiency, and seamless team collaboration.

Key Features of Filevine:

  • Customized Solutions: Filevine adapts to your law firm's processes, offering templates for all types of matters and automating task assignments for greater efficiency.
  • Task Management Simplified: Features an intuitive platform for assigning tasks, collaborating in real-time, and managing deadlines, ensuring your team stays on track.
  • Client Communication Reimagined: Provides unique texting numbers for seamless, direct communication with clients, integrating text messages into case files for comprehensive interaction.
  • Advanced Reporting Tools: Equips firms with deep reporting capabilities, enabling the creation of custom reports for detailed insights into firm performance, productivity, and marketing ROI.

Integration Highlights:

  • Easy Integration Setup: Initiating integration with Case Status is streamlined, requiring only the Filevine API Key/Secret, paving the way for a quick and efficient setup process.
  • Versatile Case Importing Options: Supports both bulk and individual case imports, offering nightly syncs or manual triggers to ensure your Case Status portfolio is always current.
  • Seamless Communication Sync: Automatic syncing of messages and documents between Case Status and Filevine enhances client engagement and keeps case files up to date without manual intervention.
  • Appointment Coordination: Directly schedule and manage appointments through Case Status, with reminders and updates synced to Filevine, ensuring no appointment is missed.
  • Synchronized Case Progression: Updates in Filevine's phases are reflected in Case Status stages, allowing for accurate tracking of case milestones and enhancing workflow continuity.

This integration with Filevine leverages the strengths of both platforms to provide law firms with a robust solution for managing cases, communicating with clients, and analyzing firm performance, all designed to streamline operations and improve outcomes from intake to settlement.

Interested in Filevine? Can learn more and book a demo with their team here.

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“...very strong and well organized. They even have an app the tracks your case live so you know exactly how your case is proceeding.”

David B.
to Pond Lehocky Giordano

“...has a client portal used for communication and if I sent a message, I never went 24 hours without a response from someone on the team.”

Sam W.
to Richard Harris Law Firm

“I could always reach a representative of the firm through the Case Status app that gave me a detailed progress and where I could look at the entire process on my case right from my phone.”

Tawana T
to Saiontz and Kirk
4.9 • 10,000+ Ratings

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Firm

We believe new software should be easy to adopt, and it should be exciting and fun to implement because it’s for the benefit of your clients. Start incorporating best practices in client management alongside the other thought leaders and innovators in the industry.

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