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Decrease Delayed Response

“Immediate” mobile communication speeds up communication with clients because it’s read and responded to quickly, takes less to write because it short form, and it’s delivered to the client on their phone which they always have on them. Spend less time on follow-up, information collection, and ultimately decrease the resources needed to run a case effectively.

Scale Your Client Communication

As your organization grows, emails and phone calls start falling through the cracks, slowing down cases. Drive scaleable communication with the most advanced filtering, mass messaging, and automation tools to scale your client service engine.

Exceed Client Expectations

Clients demand and deserve full communication and expectations about their case. Standardize your communication, build templates your responses, and exceed clients' expectations in the legal industry, which historically provides poor client service.

Messaging Features and Benefits

The magic of Case Status is that clients have access to information, causing fewer, more meaningful communication with clients.

Accelerate Case Communication
When communication and responses are faster, cases move faster
Keep All Clients in the Loop
When clients are proactively updated, stronger cases are built
Don’t Drop The Ball 
Utilize tools to stay organized, and make client communication easy
Instant, continuous communication
Build trust by never losing touch with those you committed to serving
Smart Messaging Templates
Build scaleable communication strategies with templated responses
Mass Messaging
Instantly connect with your entire clientele
Automated Reminders
Decrease missed appointments and increase case turnaround
Communication Insights
Enhance communication through response time insights
Secure Your Interactions
Lock down communications if they become compromised
With Case Status, 93% of clients open the Case Status app and find what they are looking for without contacting their law firm.
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