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Take the guesswork out of reviews and referrals;
Take the work out of staying connected
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The Results of Transformative Law Firms That Use Case Status

Decrease in Phone Calls Within Weeks
Reduction in Emails From Clients
Net Promoter Score Increase from Average
Increase in 5-Star Google Reviews

Is Your Marketing Effort based on Reviews & Referrals

Your marketing & intake strategy should be anchored on how clients make the hiring decision. Studies show online reviews and direct referrals are the biggest factors in the decision. Case Status firms have the tools to automatically nurture both reviews & referrals.

Happy Clients: Your Key to Growth

As a law firm looking to crack the marketing riddle, turning your clients into raving fans is one of the best ways to grow. Case Status provides engagement tools and client sat measurement needed to turn clients into brand promoters willing to say good things. We also provide the right channel and automation to make the timely "asks" for 5-star reviews and direct referrals.

Stay Front of Mind with Drip Campaigns

When clients have a firm branded app on their phones, they are constantly seeing your branding. Utilize mass messaging functionality to send out videos and blog content from your firm. Automate happy birthday and happy holidays messages to add that extra touch.

Identify Happy Clients

Throughout the case, clients are asked how likely they are to refer your firm to a friend or colleague. This satisfaction tracking is called NPS. Clients are required to give a score, giving your firm full visibility into the happiness of your customers.

Increase Reviews & Referrals

When you know which clients are satisfied, you take the guesswork out of who to ask for a review or referral. Case Status helps firms identify happy clients 95% more effectively, and increases client satisfaction by over 30%.

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Larry Serbin
Partner Attorney

“We are a client-centered & results oriented, full-service law firm and Case Status has helped us to modernize this approach to make it more scalable. Case Status is our 5-star client engagement app which allows us to meet our clients where they are: on the go.”

Blade Thompson
Owner & Founder of Blade Thompson Law Firm

"Case Status is common sense for any law firm that needs to regularly communicate with their clients. We tell our clients to wear their seatbelt, right? everybody knows that's common sense. So think of Case Status like a seatbelt. It'll protect you. It'll keep you safe, and it'll get you where you're going in one piece."

Ben Feld
Owner & Founding Attorney

“We have attorneys, hearing representatives & staff throughout the state, so I don't get to see their interactions with clients every single day. Using the firm insights tab, I actually have a separate screen with information always up so that I can see what our clients think about their interactions with each one of our staff members on a updated real time basis.”

Ryan McKeen
Founder of Connecticut Trial Firm

“Case Status allows us to tell our clients, 'All of the questions you can ever think of are going to be answered in this App. The firm can answer them for you as well, just message us.' That's when the client knows they are with the right law firm. And that trust and confidence carries all the way through to the trial."

Do 3 Things:
Delight, Measure, Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this really help my firm grow?

Yes, when a group of clients was surveyed, over 75% stated that reviews and referrals were the primary way they decided which law firm to pick. Century Park Law increased their Google Reviews from 86 to 239 in 7 months, with each review being a 5-star review. Blade Injury law is a sole practitioner who gained 104 reviews in 12-months, with each being a 5-star review.

My Clients are different, will they really use the app?

Yes, over 70% of our customers are plaintiffs firms in the US and Canada. Some of our biggest users are low-income, only speak Spanish, or elderly. We survey large law firms such as Richard Harris Law in Las Vegas.

We already ask for reviews, how will this help?

Throughout the case, clients are asked how likely they are to refer your firm to a friend or colleague. This satisfaction tracking is called NPS. Clients are required to give a score, giving your firm full visibility into the happiness of your customers. When you know who is satisfied, you know who to ask for a review. When you know who is unsatisfied, you know which clients to spend more time with.

Why choose Case Status?

Listen to real stories of how Case Status has streamlined communications and helped grow referrals

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