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Case Status gives your clients options with a 5-star App and 
a web portal. The App always wins the race. The Case Status mobile app is the key to securely reaching clients where they are, driving that positive client experience.
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4.9 • Tens of Thousands of Ratings
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Apple App store has a 4.9 rating and tens of thousands of reviews.

Cut Emails & Calls by more than 50% with Updates via the App

The Results of Transformative Law Firms That Use Case Status

Decrease in Phone Calls Within Weeks
Reduction in Emails From Clients
Net Promoter Score Increase from Average
Increase in 5-Star Google Reviews

See How Case Status Works

Become a leader in legal client services and win new clients at scale

Seamless Client Experience

Your clients want an App. That is how they engage with their favorite brands. With the Case Status App firms achieve 80% bi-directional App Engagement. Our web portal covers the few who don't do apps.

This means you get to:

Hang up the phone!

Delete Email!

Reduce Texts!

And messages from the App flow right into your CMS!

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Mockup showing Case Status platform and its client communication features

Keep the Case Moving by Keeping Your Client Organized

When you can reach your client, the case stays on track.  The App is like the client's personal assistant, helping them bring over documents, manage their checklists items, keep their appointments, and even track the outcome of an appointment or treatment.  

No more chasing clients down - the App keeps them on task!

Stand Apart From Your Competition

The Best Brands leverage highly rated Apps because:

Consumers spend 5 hrs a day in apps that empower them.

The stakes are high.  That's why they hired you.  Nothing is more important than their case!

No more buyer's remorse for your client: they will be reminded every day that they hired the right legal team.

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Case Status Time Calculator

Radically Transforming Client Engagement Will Save You Time

Learn how to maximize the reach and impact of the firm

Larry Serbin
Partner Attorney

“We are a client-centered & results oriented, full-service law firm and Case Status has helped us to modernize this approach to make it more scalable. Case Status is our 5-star client engagement app which allows us to meet our clients where they are: on the go.”

Blade Thompson
Owner & Founder of Blade Thompson Law Firm

"Case Status is common sense for any law firm that needs to regularly communicate with their clients. We tell our clients to wear their seatbelt, right? everybody knows that's common sense. So think of Case Status like a seatbelt. It'll protect you. It'll keep you safe, and it'll get you where you're going in one piece."

Ben Feld
Owner & Founding Attorney

“We have attorneys, hearing representatives & staff throughout the state, so I don't get to see their interactions with clients every single day. Using the firm insights tab, I actually have a separate screen with information always up so that I can see what our clients think about their interactions with each one of our staff members on a updated real time basis.”

Ryan McKeen
Founder of Connecticut Trial Firm

“Case Status allows us to tell our clients, 'All of the questions you can ever think of are going to be answered in this App. The firm can answer them for you as well, just message us.' That's when the client knows they are with the right law firm. And that trust and confidence carries all the way through to the trial."

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4.9 • Tens of Thousands of Ratings
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Download the 5-star Case Status App & see an example case on your phone.

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We believe new software should be easy to adopt, and it should be exciting and fun to implement because it’s for the benefit of your clients. Start incorporating best practices in client management alongside the other thought leaders and innovators in the industry.