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Serve everyone in your community regardless of what language they speak.

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Can You Serve All of Your Potential Clients?

English is the language of law, but not all clients speak that language.

10% of people across the U.S. do not speak English very well.
With Case Status, you can maintain 2-way communications with clients who speak any of 138 languages.

“We are super excited about the new message translation. In central North Carolina, we have quite a few Spanish-speaking clients and have been able to serve them with a small team of Spanish-speaking staff who focus on daily communications.

With the new Real-Time Translation feature we can translate historical messages to English after the fact. This is powerful for our English-speaking attorneys - they can now look at historical messages and threads and know exactly what was discussed."

Kathryn Vernon – DirectorMarketing, Communications & Community Outreach – Daggett Shuler Attorneys at Law
See how Immigration law practice C.R. Wannamaker Law, PLLC. is getting their Spanish-speaking clients excited about the 5-star Mobile Client App that will keep them connected with their case and their team. Watch Video
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Don’t let your business get lost in translation.
- Maintain 2-way comms in everyone's preferred language
- Expand your firm by serving more in your community
- Drive growth through reviews & referrals when you stand apart & delight underserved clients

See Translation in Action
"We see clear benefits with written communications. Our Spanish-speaking team is awesome when it comes to speaking with clients in person or on the phone. The personal touch is so important. When it comes to our automated and bulk messages that are configured and written by a different team, language can be a barrier. This translation feature gives all staff the extra edge.”
- Kathryn Vernon


Translation feature is shown right where messages are drafted - for both clients and legal staff. Just type the message and click-to-translate. Voila!

Message Types

1:1 messages, bulk messaging and templated messages. Language settings ensure each recipient gets the message in their own, preferred language.

138 Languages

Leveraging Google’s Neural Machine Translation System translations are based on context and intent, resulting in the ability to communicate effectively in 138 different languages.

Serve More Of Your Existing Community

In the U.S., almost 10% of people struggle with speaking English, while in certain areas, this figure can reach 50%. 20% speak a language other than English at home. Spanish is the most common language spoken. Non-English speaking individuals require legal assistance disproportionally to those who speak English fluently.

Your Staff Only Speaks English? No Problem!

The Case Status app allows firms to communicate with clients in their preferred language. Clients can write messages in their native language, which attorneys and staff can translate and respond to, with the app translating the response back to the client's preferred language before sending.

Up Level Bilingual Staff

Our translation will help with 3 key areas for those firms that already staff serving clients 1:1 in that language.
(1) We help ensure written communications are official. (2) We allow the attorney to translate entire threads recorded by these staff members.
(3) Bulk and templated messages all get the personal touch of the client's preferred language.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Firm

We believe new software should be easy to adopt, and it should be exciting and fun to implement because it’s for the benefit of your clients. Start incorporating best practices in client management alongside the other thought leaders and innovators in the industry.

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