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Case Status is the leading Client Service Software for Law Firms. Although we are hired by law firms, our 5-star App and platforms works with millions of clients every day. Use the information below so we can help you with your next step.

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Become a leader in legal client services and win new clients at scale

Give Your Clients a Seamless Mobile Case Experience

Make client management seamless. Clients are more than 50% less likely to ask their attorney for updates when using the Case Status mobile app. Whether they are looking for answers to questions, reminders for appointments or more, give your clients a hub for all things related to their case.

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Communicate With Your Clients All From One Location

Increase the efficiency and scale at which you care for clients. Make it easy to proactively send client updates and communication, allowing staff to handle more cases, and resolve cases faster. Case Status even integrates with case management to automate client specific tasks and workflows.

Collect Client Feedback to Amp Up Reviews & Referrals

Automatically collect client feedback and proactively reach out to unhappy clients, salvaging valuable relationships and eliminating complaints. When clients have a great experience, drive growth in the firm through an increase in reviews and referrals.

Transform Your Law Firm with CaseStatus

CaseStatus is the leading case management solution for law firms, empowering you to streamline your workflow, increase efficiency, and deliver better results for your clients.
Decrease in Phone Calls Within Weeks
Reduction in Emails From Clients
Net Promoter Score Increase from Average
Increase in 5-Star Google Reviews

“...very strong and well organized. They even have an app the tracks your case live so you know exactly how your case is proceeding.”

David B.
to Pond Lehocky Giordano

“...has a client portal used for communication and if I sent a message, I never went 24 hours without a response from someone on the team.”

Sam W.
to Richard Harris Law Firm

“I could always reach a representative of the firm through the Case Status app that gave me a detailed progress and where I could look at the entire process on my case right from my phone.”

Tawana T
to Saiontz and Kirk

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Explore our collection of informative and engaging videos that explain how our case management solutions can streamline your law firm's processes and improve client communication.