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“We looked at Case Status and said, here's a growing company that has a lot of great ideas. It has to be user friendly. You have to give clients a reason to want to engage with the platform. So, we felt like this was a great time to switch and give our clients a better method of communication with a platform that was going to keep evolving at a much faster rate than we could ever do it on our own.”
Melissa Harris (Chief Operating Officer)

Richard Harris has always taken pride in being a progressive firm by looking at current consumer trends. The firm originally built their own proprietary client web portal. They soon learned how challenging it is to innovate software, while also managing the core business of legal cases and matters. It was a classic case of build vs. buy. As the firm was looking at next generation case management platforms to enhance their operation, they widened their search for new, disruptive technologies focused on client empowerment, transparency, and self-service. Their search brought them to Case Status.

Richard Harris Law Firm, new to Litify, sought to optimize their back-office operations and simultaneously upgraded their front-office experience through Case Status integration. By importing and synchronizing cases, documents, and messages, and pushing stage and status updates to clients, the firm improved client experience immediately. Unlike web portals requiring login credentials and URLs, the preferred Case Status mobile platform ensures high client adoption. This tool allows Richard Harris Law to measure client satisfaction at each stage, enabling real-time monitoring and adjustments to address concerns early and avoid negative reviews. With an industry average Net Promoter Score of 30, Richard Harris Law uses Case Status to enhance client satisfaction, supporting growth into a larger firm with more complex operations.

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