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Integrate Case Status into your Meruscase ecosystem

The purpose of this page is to set expectations of how to set up the integration for Meruscase and how the integration works.

Setup (Expected Time: 1 hour or less)

Requirements for full MerusCase integration capabilities:

    - Must have a login for an active MerusCase account
    - Must have a Case Status Login and must be configured prior to integration

The MerusCase integration is activated by OAuth and there is no setup needed on the backend. Simply navigate to your Case Status Settings and select MerusCase as the case management system under ‘integrations’.

This will redirect you to log into your MerusCase Account. Once logged in, select 'Allow Access' to Case Status. In MerusCase, navigate to CaseStatus under ‘3rd Party Apps’ and ensure the app says 'Subscribed'. If it does not, click the 'Allow App to Impersonate Me' button. This will complete the setup.

How the Integration Works

Once the integration has been set up, cases can be imported into Case Status. There are two ways this can be configured:

- Import/Sync all cases: All cases with the required fields will be imported into Case Status. The automatic sync runs nightly at 9:15 PM UTC and will import/sync all cases. The sync can also be triggered manually at any time. The first sync will import all cases with the status = open/stipulation from the last 10 years into Case Status. After the first sync, the sync will only pull cases from the last 30 days. Your implementation manager can reset the sync to pull all cases from the last ten years. Duplicate cases will not be added. Users will also have access to a ‘Sync with Meruscase’ button where the user can sync all cases into Case Status instantly.

- Import/Sync cases individually: Cases can be imported/synced individually using the integration ID within the URL in MerusCase, as well as the option of a ‘Sync with MerusCase’ button where the user can import a singular case along with the integration ID for that case.

- If manually syncing a case, a CSV will be sent to whoever triggered the sync with a breakdown of which cases were attempted, and the results of those attempts.

The integration allows for both messages and documents in Case Status to automatically sync to the case in MerusCase

- Messages will sync automatically every two minutes and can be found in the ‘Activity > Messages’ section within the case. All messages that are synced will have a pretext that states "Message from Case Status.” All messages will also automatically have a ‘Case Status Message’ tab.

- Documents will sync automatically every 20 minutes or can be synced manually on demand by pressing the ‘sync with MerusCase’ button within Case Status. Documents can be found in the ‘Documents’ tab under the Activity within the associated case.

Case Status supports open and closed case syncing with the case in MerusCase.

- Case Status will only pull in cases with 'Case Status' = OPEN or STIPULATION
- When a case is closed in MerusCase, it will also be closed in Case Status when the nightly sync runs.

Field Mapping

Please refer to our help center article on Meruscase field mapping here.

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