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A Few Simple Steps For Advertising For Your Law Firm

Advertising for your law firm is essential for just about any business in any industry, especially in the beginning stages. You want your name, your brand, and your message to reach the right people. In our ever-changing digital landscape, this can often feel overwhelming.

With the right tools and strategies at your disposal, law firm advertising can be very manageable and successful. 

Where to Begin With Advertising Your Law Firm 

If you’re starting from scratch, there’s much to do before you begin advertising for your law firm. Take it one step at a time, and it’ll all come together before you know it!

Understand your audience

First, you must determine and understand your target audience. Your audience ultimately dictates how your marketing plays out. Whatever your firm specializes in, start there. 

For example, criminal law and family law clients often have very different needs. Your advertising efforts should be specific and play to the needs of your potential clients. 

Determine a budget

You must also determine a budget before starting. This tells you how much you can afford, and how many ads you’ll run, and ensures you don’t overspend. 

Create a strategy 

Once you understand your audience and determine a budget, you can create a strategy. The first step is to set specific law firm advertising goals. This can be anything from how many new leads you want to how many new clients you want to secure each month. 

Then, you decide where the marketing budget will go and which avenues you’ll pursue. Things like sprucing up your website, setting up analytics, and creating social media pages can all be part of your strategy. 

A Few Simple Steps For Advertising For Your Law Firm

Advertising on Social Media

Social media is at the forefront of society these days, and there are few things more powerful. A robust and effective social media campaign can bring in loads of business. 

There are four major players in the social media game: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You don’t always have to advertise on each one, as this could eat up your time and resources. Part of your strategizing process should include figuring out which platforms will see the most success. 

A lot of this depends on your target demographics. For example, LinkedIn is among the most common channels for lawyers. It's especially effective when targeting business and professional clients. 

That said, if you’re a family law firm targeting millennial-aged parents, Facebook or even Instagram may play a bigger role in your strategy. 

Tips for Social Advertising: 

  • Build a community. Make your pages feel like a welcoming and communicative place where questions get answered. 
  • Encourage engagement. Ask questions in your posts and ads that encourage people to comment. When you get comments, reply! Platforms boost posts with higher engagement. 
  • Answer questions quickly. If someone posts a question or concern, be prompt in your reply. The same day is ideal. 

Advertising in Print

With the advent of the internet and especially social media, there’s no doubt print advertising is on a slow decline. Yet, it’s still worth considering for a law firm with certain audiences. 

You have many options when it comes to print advertising: 

  • Newspaper
  • Trade publications
  • Magazines
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Directory listings

Like social media, you likely don’t need to use them all once. With some research, you can determine which mediums your target audience prefers to consume and place your focus there. 

Tips for Print Advertising: 

  • Focus on headlines. Catchy headlines are imperative - if you can’t grab their attention, you won’t hold it 
  • Less is more. Keep it simple and don’t be afraid of a little white space. 
  • Create a strong call to action. Print ads must stand out to be successful. A catchy, memorable call to action is critical. 

Advertising on TV and Radio

Lastly, you have TV and radio to consider. Even with the surge of digital content, TV and radio aren’t declining as fast as you may think. 

However, it's often the most expensive option. If you can swing it in the budget, though, local TV and radio ads are quite effective. Like anything else, it always depends on your target audience. These ads often do a great job at reaching very specific local and niche demographics. 

The reality is that people still spend considerable amounts of time watching TV. When placed and timed correctly, your ad ends up right in the path of the exact people you want to reach. 

It’s all about timing - when does your target demographic watch TV the most? This is the all-important question, as well as what they watch. 


Another important consideration is streaming services versus cable and traditional radio. Most people still watch TV, but many have moved to streaming services. 

While many do pay for ad-free versions of these apps, plenty still opt for free versions with ads. This is the perfect opportunity to target extremely specific groups of people based on what your target audience likes to watch.  

Lastly, consider podcasts. Fast becoming synonymous with traditional radio, podcasts are a staple for many. Even a 15-second ad on a semi-popular podcast can yield fantastic results. 

Tips for TV and Radio Advertising: 

  • Write a good script. If you don’t have any strong writers on staff, outsource this task. Even the most well-timed ads will flop if the dialogue is poor. 
  • Cast the right people. Like the script, bad acting kills a TV ad immediately. 
  • Produce it well. Use high-quality equipment and make sure it looks and sounds top-notch. 

Make the Most of Your Law Firm Advertising 

There are so many places to put your ads these days, that it’s easy to waste time and money if you’re not careful. Always start by doing thorough research on your audience and their tendencies. Once you have this information, crafting a strategy becomes much easier. Start with the guidelines here and you’re well on your way to success!

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