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Achieving the Optimal Client Intake Process

Start Out Strong

You have heard the phrase “if you build it, they will come". Unfortunately, this is not the case for starting a business and attracting new clients. It requires a lot of work, time, and money to get a start-up off the ground. This is no different for law firms and their client intake process. Having a strategy to start out strong will ensure you don’t leave prospective clients behind.

The client intake process will save your business time as you will gather all the information before starting the case. In addition, you will be able to request that your new client signs all documents during this process, meaning that you won’t have to go over each line item in the future.

Be clear on how you want to project your law firm

In order to attract new clients, it is important to create awareness about your law firm. Even though this sounds like an easy task, the market is very competitive. When describing your business, imagine a prospective client is asking you the question: “why should I invest my money in you?”

Introduce them to your process

The client intake experience doesn’t have to be difficult. That being said, following a process is the easiest way to make sure your prospective clients choose you as their trusted legal services provider. It’s all about making the best first impression, being responsive, targeting the right audience and making scheduling easy. 

Set yourself apart

Setting yourself apart and creating brand awareness is an excellent way to attract and retain clients. The more they identify with your brand, the more likely they will be to make repeat purchases and even recommend your services to potential clients.

A good way to make a good first impression is to share your personal journey in law. What made you pursue law? What is that success story that still resonates with you to this day and inspires you to continue helping your clients?

Client Intake Process

Communication is key

First impressions last. New clients will judge your firm based on the client intake process. As a result, it is important to set the tone for the relationship via effective communication. You want to let your prospective clients know that you are competent, reliable, and trustworthy.

Respond quickly

According to an annual customer service study, as much as 62% of companies do not respond to customer emails. For those that do, the average response time is 12 hours.

This can only mean that you can use fast effective communication as a strength. By creating and following a process to communicate with your prospective clients, you will gain substantial competitive advantage in the market. Case Status is a helpful tool that can help tremendously with client communication.

Relay the process

Communication can flow in many different ways. The way communication from new clients is directed within your law firm is key to set up an optimal legal intake process.

Miscommunication due to lack of control can result in many problems, from angering and losing clients to internal issues such as employees blaming each other. Relaying the process also ensures that employees complete their part with enthusiasm as they know what is expected of them.

Another important result of relaying the process is that no data or information gets lost, as it is processed. A good way to store client records, particularly during the client intake process, is by keeping a digital record. A digital record can be accessed at any time and shared with other stakeholders within your law firm. 

Introduce the Mobile Client Portal

The client portal can be accessed in the mobile app. Case Status customizes the client portal to meet your firm's own branding guidelines, including your logo.

Clients can access the app and receive automatic updates from you, cutting down time, and providing your clients with continuous, prompt information. You will be able to keep your clients informed at all times, as they have complete ownership of their case. For example, they will be able to schedule appointments and automate reminders.

The app also provides a messaging portal where attorneys and paralegals can send encrypted messages. This will cut down your average response time and also bring your employees together as they will be aware of all communications between your firm and your clients instantly.

You can also choose to send mass communication with a single click. For example, you could send out mass notifications to all your clients or automate sending out forms to a number of them. Imagine being able to keep your clients in the loop without having to call them constantly.

The Mobile Client Portal by Case Status also includes an attorney dashboard which will give you exclusive access to your cases, NPS tracking, and other staff management tools.

Be Available

The 2021 Legal Trends Report found that 86% of clients think responsiveness to questions is the most sought-after trait of a lawyer. This makes sense if we think of a law firm as any other business that is client centered.

It is important to point out that you can control what availability means to you. This will allow you to manage your clients’ expectations. For example, your engagement letters could include a section about communication where you explain how often you will reach out to them, so that they do not have to contact you. This will also avoid multiple calls from clients who feel they have to chase you for an update as they will know exactly when and how you will give them an update.

Being available tells your clients that you are deeply empathetic for them. In turn, they will trust that you will offer them the best service possible and be enthusiastic about using your firm.

Meet with your clients

During the new client intake process, you will meet your potential new client where they will discuss their requirements and you can explain the steps you will be taking.

A meeting with your clients is also an effective way to create a personal connection with your client, establishing trust in your reliability.

Show Up

Eighty percent of success is showing up. There is no point in scheduling a meeting if you aren’t going to be there. Missing a meeting isn’t limited to clients with meetings. Internal meetings are also important and not attending may create silos in your firm. This could lead to loss of effectiveness, low employee morale, and eventually loss of potential new clients.

Take your Client Intake Process to The Next Level

Case Status is a mobile client portal created to facilitate communication between clients and your firm. It can help you achieve optimal new client intake and client communication via an app. 

You can now update all of your clients with a single click, and consolidate communication between attorneys, case managers, and your clients. Save time and focus on what’s important to you: being a lawyer.

Find out about this exclusive platform by scheduling a demo with Case Status today.

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