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AI For Lawyers: Tools for Law Firms

It's impossible that you haven't heard of AI by this point. But the real question is, what is AI for lawyers, and how can it change the way you run your firm? Legal AI tools are becoming the new standard for legal research tools — but that’s not all. Artificial intelligence is also transforming aspects like lawyer-client communication, case matter formation, client onboarding, legal marketing, and more.

Within the next few years, it will be difficult to find any part of legal practice management that isn’t somehow enhanced by AI. And firms that want to remain modern and competitive will need to understand how AI for lawyers works and what the best AI tools for lawyers are, so they can strategically implement them into their firms at the right opportunities.

Is There Any AI For Lawyers? 

Many attorneys are surprised to find that there is artificial intelligence software specifically designed to enhance their practice. Skepticism around the nature of AI is natural, especially when applied to a field as rigorous and regulated as law. It began as simple automation practices have evolved into complex analytical abilities that revolutionize the way lawyers work.

Ai for lawyers does far more streamline workflows. It also improves efficiency, reduces errors and ultimately improves client outcomes.

How Is AI Being Used in Law? 

You'll notice the biggest impact of AI for lawyers in business operations. It can be used for client-feeding aspects like communication portals powered by AI, chatbots for your website, and legal marketing tools. You'll also find AI helpful behind the scenes, offering assistance drafting contracts, performing legal research, bookkeeping, financing and invoicing.

Take a look at some of the best ai tools for lawyers available today: 

  • Legal Research: Gone are the days when lawyers had to spend hours upon hours pouring over cumbersome case files or tediously searching for information in legal databases. Today, AI tools help lawyers find precisely what they’re looking for in a matter of minutes. It can identify relevant case laws and statutes with unbeatable accuracy and speed. This gives you more time to focus on building a strategic case that supports your client’s best outcomes. 
  • Litigation Prediction Analysis: It sounds as impressive as it is. Legal AI is capable of reviewing historical data based on jurisdiction, case argument, and a judge to determine the most probable outcomes of a trial. 
  • Case Management: No lawyer has the time to manage every aspect of their client relationships and legal practice while actually achieving results. This is where AI becomes pivotal in the growth and success of any modern firm — case management tools that use AI and automation in tandem are powerhouses that make your firm more agile, responsive, and efficient, all while taking some of the burden off your shoulders.
  • Document Analysis: AI lawyer analysis tools can rapidly examine elements of a legal document and deliver key insights. It can help you find information based on keywords and terms, too, making research a breeze and even kind of fun.
  • Contract Drafting: Templates built by AI allow you to rapidly draft contracts and other legal documents for your clients, ensuring that all of the relevant information is included and saving hours in the process.

What Is AI Used For in Law Firms?

Many people still think that AI involves handing off processes to a robot while you hope for the best outcome. This is completely untrue. Modern AI is designed to work seamlessly alongside humans, enhancing their workflows, reducing stress, eliminating tedium, and allowing you to focus your time and talents on the meaningful work you were trained to do. 

The role of artificial intelligence is not to replace lawyers but to make them more efficient. Instead of investing hours into calls, emails, research, and administrative duties, you can hand-off these tasks to an AI or automation software that manages everything for you while still being easy to customize and modify as needed. 

What Type of Software Do Law Firms Use? 

The legal customer relationship management (LCRM) tool will remain the cornerstone of modern legal software. It houses client profiles and marketing data that allows you to build stronger relationships, pursue the most viable leads, and deliver better customer service to everyone that engages with your firm.

Other popular legal software include:

  • AI-Enhanced Legal Document Management Software: This technology allows lawyers to update case files in real-time, extract information on a moment’s notice, and promote more efficient storage, organization, and data retrieval. 
  • Chatbots: Imagine being available 24/7, 365 days a year to your current and prospective clients. It may already feel that way, but AI allows you to be present without burning the candle at both ends. You can use AI chatbots customized to suit your firm’s tone and area of practice. It can arrange appointments, offer updates, and guide users through the top of your marketing funnel. Chatbots are becoming even more sophisticated to the point they can hold full conversations with clients and leads, answer questions, and update information in your LCRM. 
  • Predictive Analysis Tools: Lawyers can use predictive legal analysis AI to determine the likelihood of a successful case before taking on a client. 

What Are the Benefits of Using AI for Law Firms? 

AI for law firms makes it easier to run your practice. Modern legal AI software is far simpler than its predecessors, so your entire firm can implement the best tools for lawyers without losing a significant amount of time in the process. 

For any lawyer who is currently facing burnout, AI can be a complete lifesaver. It allows you to offhand some of the more time consuming, yet essential processes. So you can focus on doing work that is truly meaningful to you.

Another benefit of AI is increased efficiency with reduced risk.When you're working human teams, there's always an increased risk of error as workloads increase. Artificial intelligence allows your firm to take on more cases, including more complex ones, and meet clients’ needs without working extensive overtime or worrying about oversights and inaccuracies. 

Client Communication Powered by AI

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