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Case Status Launches Co-Counsel

Case Status Launches Co-Counsel. - To Learn more, click here.

May 2023 - New Co-Counsel module helps law firms leverage partner attorneys while still maintaining a delightful brand experience for the client.  Many firms leverage external attorneys who assist in, or share in, the responsibility of representing a client.  Maintaining full control of the client experience is paramount for the primary firm when leveraging a partner, but as is the case with any collaboration, this is easier said than done.  With the Co-Counsel Module, the client experience can be seamlessly tied to the firm’s brand while at the same time including the co-counsel like a staffed attorney, while maintaining privacy across your other cases.  Moreover, for those running firm operations, the visiting attorney can be measured and managed just like staffed team members.  The result is a seamless experience for clients and the overall legal team.  

Co-Counsel and referral relationships are common in law practices in the United States. Lawyers associate with other lawyers on cases to gain specialized knowledge required for competent representation in a case. Litigation counsel may seek local counsel on a case in another jurisdiction. Lawyers also refer-out business for a variety of reasons, including overflow work or the work is outside of a lawyer’s core competencies.  Equally important to getting the legal work done is the lifetime relationship established with the client.  This is why it is important for the firm to establish and maintain the best long-term experience even though the serving attorney may only have a short-term stake.

With Co-Counsel functionality, the administration team can invite and grant specific access to the Case Status platform for that attorney and for that particular case.  In other words, they see only what they need to see.  All other matters and cases, not related, are kept private and secure.  The Case Status key features will run business as usual.  Stage mapping, message templates, process automations, checklists, messaging and client sentiment scoring will all run as normal.  The firm can keep an eye on 1:1 communications and sentiment scoring to make sure the partner attorney is keeping pace.  

Charles Lane, CTO of Case Status shares, “We are really excited about this Co-Counsel capability which can be a competitive advantage for every firm.  Long term client relationships and brand experience is core to any business, and we believe that is more so for law firms who rely so heavily on referrals and references for new business.  When the brand can deliver niche, even 1x expertise service through a partner attorney, the firm brand will benefit from this for many years to come.”

About Case Status - Case Status is the leading mobile client portal and messaging platform for law firms.  We drive the best client experience that will both help you operate more efficiently and produce grateful clients who will provide more 5-star reviews and direct client referrals.

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