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Case Status Launches Real-Time Translation

Case Status launches Real-Time Translation. 

To learn more, register for our Web Event on April 26th at 3PM Eastern.

Real-Time Translation is a powerful message translation service incorporated into the Case Status platform.  U.S. based law firms will soon be able to leverage new translation functionality in the Case Status platform designed to allow bi-directional communications in multiple languages.  Case Status is already the leading mobile client portal and messaging platform for law firms.  With a radical focus on client experience at its core, the platform increases client delight through 24x7 updates, self-service, and automation which all connect to the client via their smartphone app. This helps turn any law firm into a client-centric practice. The result for law firms is clients who become raving fans.  Building on this consumer-centric foundation, law firms using the Case Status platform can now communicate effectively with clients who do not speak English well or who prefer to engage in their native language.  This will allow firms to expand the people they serve which will favorably impact both the firm and those served in their communities..

Growth Opportunity for Firms - In the United States, nearly 1 in 10 people speak English less than very well according to census.gov (Link.) Therefore if a law firm wants to service ALL their potential clients in their community, they will need ways to communicate with non-english speakers.  Traditional options, like hiring full time staff or a part time contractor who speaks more than English, can be expensive and difficult to implement.  And when feasible, the firm is likely to expand to only one language: Spanish.  But technology is changing the status quo and opening the doors to more options and cost models that are much more scalable.  

How It Can Be Used - With the new translation functionality, Case Status helps the firm to maintain two-way communications in each individual's preferred language.  For example, a client who speaks French can write a message to their attorney in French via the Case Status App.  The attorney can then translate the message from French to English, consume the contents of the message and script a response in English.  Then, before sending, the attorney can preview a translation of the response to French before sending it to their French speaking client.  Moreover, by noting the preferred language of each case, mass messaging can also be translated from firm to a large group of clients - each able to read the message in their native language.  

Innovation - Innovation is at the heart of this new capability which is AI-driven. Case Status is leveraging Google’s Neural Machine Translation System to help provide catered translations based on context and intent. Case Status built this feature to enable an end-to-end learning approach for automated translation, with the potential to overcome many of the weaknesses of conventional phrase-based translation systems. The result is the ability for firm and clients to communicate effectively in 138 different languages

Early Adopter Customer - “We are super excited about the new Real-Time Translation capability. In central North Carolina, we have quite a few Spanish-speaking clients and have been able to serve them with a small team of Spanish-speaking staff who focus on daily communications. With the new feature we can translate historical messages to English after the fact. This is powerful for our English-speaking attorneys - they can now look at historical messages and threads and know exactly what was discussed." Kathryn Vernon – Director Marketing, Communications & Community Outreach – Daggett Shuler Attorneys at Law

Andy Seavers, CEO of Case Status shares, “We are really excited about the new translation capability, which will help law firms service a broader set of clients while at the same time serving them in a more meaningful and intimate way. Studies show that for particular practice areas, those clients who need those legal services the most may not speak English.  True to our core mission, we seek to bridge clients to the firms that best serve them. This capability to translate languages will favorably impact our communities and accelerate the pace at which legal services can be delivered.”

Register to Learn More in our Web Event on April 26th at 3PM Eastern.

About Case Status - Case Status is the leading mobile client portal and messaging platform for law firms.  We drive the best client experience that will both help you operate more efficiently and produce grateful clients who will provide more 5-star reviews and direct client referrals.

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