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Case Status Team - Sharing the Love

2022 was a milestone year in our mission to radically disrupt how law firms engage with clients.  Our exponential growth is a testament to the opportunity: that legal services want and can be consumer-focused and drive cultures that are client-centric. And we know the Case Status platform is the best way for firms to start this transformation.

As we celebrate 2022 we also turn with excitement and energy toward 2023, and our goal to show our customers much love.  There is much work to be done and we are bringing the heart.  In mid-January, the entire Case Status team gathered to map out our radical focus for 2023.  After 4 great days of planning, problem solving, and building strong bonds between departments, we are unified in our passion and purpose: to help you drive results for your firm.  So whether you are new to the Case Status family, or have been driving improvements for years, we are all committed to making this year the best yet.

Key Excitement for 2023:

  • Consumers love Case Status, and we didn't even ask!  Remember, it is you, our customers who are law firms, who invite your clients to download the app.  Once in the app, it is branded for your firm.  Yet, almost 4000 people on Apple OS have taken time out of their day to shout out our engineering and design for the App: 4.9 out of 5.  Google Play is not far behind: 2500 people giving us a 4.8 rating.  This is radical engagement! 
  • Changing the legal services industry with 2X client satisfaction - in 2022 the industry average NetPromoter Score (NPS) for law firms is 32.  (Link)  This lags many other service oriented industries.  Case Status law firms boast 65+ NPS.  We are on a mission to up-level our entire industry starting with our Customer's firms.  But you can have an impact beyond your firm.  Engage our Customer Referral Program here.
  • We are a proud partner of trialschool.org, a not-for-profit collaborative effort to provide free trial advocacy training for lawyers who represent people and groups fighting for social justice. We believe in the pairing because of our common purpose: helping everyday people. For the trial attorneys out there, you know you are doing everything you can to win the best outcome for your client. We seek to help you focus on the task at hand while also giving your clients a window that reassures them at every turn that they hired the right legal team. 
  • Our Human Element - The Case Status value isn't just tech (although the tech is awesome!). It is also about the people on our team dedicated to you.  Did you know that with every Case Status subscription you tap into our incredible customer teams?  These are people with the right expertise aligned for implementation, onboarding, training, optimization, account management, and support.  Our own internal measurements will be the scorecard of your successes.  There will be many.
  • Technology Best Practices - We are helping you at every stage on your journey, from the investment decision, to rallying your staff to get behind the suite of tools, to inviting your clients to the platform with high rates of adoption, to optimizing the features and tools so you drive down OPEX and drive up NPS, reviews and referrals.  Reach out any time, our customer success teams are poised to put these best practices into play with you.
  • Front-office delight meets back-office efficiencies - We continue to grow our list of Integration Partners, and we have several new ones coming in 2023.  Haven't checked-in lately to see if your solution is listed? Take a second look!
  • We will be sharing the love!  We believe in the power of community, and will continue to give back to ours in the new year just as we ended 2022.  In January as part of our 2023 kick-off, the entire Case Status team spent one additional day working arm-in-arm with the fine folks at Lowcountry Orphan Relief.  The mission of Lowcountry Orphan Relief is to provide support services and aid to meet the needs of South Carolina children identified as at-risk or suffering from abandonment, abuse and/or neglect.  What amazing work.  Regardless of what your passion is, get out there an make a difference!

About Case Status

Case Status is the only client service platform for law firms, providing the best mobile client portal for law firms: that's case updates, information hub, automation, appointments, and more all on an app on your client's phone. Because our experience is designed to delight the client, our advanced client service platform drives fewer, more meaningful interactions with clients by integrating with case management software to enhance the client journey and improve client satisfaction. Client-consumers love our platform, rating us over 4.9 out of 5 on Apple App store.  For more information on Case Status, visit www.casestatus.com

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