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November & December 2022 Case Status Product Update

Case Status Product Update

We are excited to bring you our November and December installment of Case Status Product Update along with a recap of all the updates for which we hope you are thankful this year.  Vote for your favorite feature of 2022 and enter to win one of four $25 Starbucks gift cards.  If you haven't already put these tools to use, we encourage that you start 2023 with a resolution to start using as many as possible.  You will make your life easier and delight more clients. 

Join us in January for our first Customer Webinar of 2023 - If you would like to take a deeper dive beyond what is in this blog, join us in our next monthly Customer Web Event by registering here.  We will review these enhancements and hone-in on how to apply best practices to drive happy clients.

This Month's Updates:

Message Template with Attachments

Message templates are a core Case Status feature that allows firms to automate and streamline the messages they send to clients. We have now enhanced this feature further by allowing a file attachment to be added to any message templates or bulk messages that are sent to your clients. 

Is there an intake form you want to attach to the invite message for your clients? Or perhaps there is a document clients must fill out to release medical records that should be sent when they move to the treatment stage. Now all of this is possible by adding an attachment to the message template and tying that template to a practice area automation or using it when sending a bulk message. 

Configuration by Practice Area: Appointment Label & Treatment Log

Most of our firms here at Case Status work in several different practice areas that have slightly different requirements. Perhaps your firm takes on Personal Injury cases as well as Criminal or Traffic related ones. 

In these scenarios you may need the Treatment Log feature turned on for some of your cases but not the others. Additionally you may want to change the label of our 'Appointments' tab to better reflect the specific types of meetings that will be listed in that section such as 'Hearings' or 'Arraignments'. Both of these are now configurable settings that can be set up on a per practice area basis. If you want assistance implementing this new feature for your firm, please schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

Enhanced Document Viewing Capabilities for Mobile

The Case Status attorney and client mobile applications makes sending and receiving files a breeze. Now with this design enhancement for iOS and Android, locating those files will be even easier. No more scrolling through your message thread to find a photo that your client sent you three months ago.

Attorneys and clients alike will be able to filter down the message thread to only shows files and photographs. From there they will be able to filter even further to show only those that a certain party has sent, files of a specific type, and view them in the chronological order in which they were received. 

A recap of 2022 highlights

Web and Mobile Feature Enhancements - Vote for your favorite feature of 2022 and enter to win one of four $25 Starbucks gift cards.

  • Attorney Mobile App - added the status tab & the checklist tab so you can get more done when you are on the move
    • Why it matters: your staff is more productive even if they aren't at their desk.
  • Stages - expanded the number of stages supported to 12 so you can give even more transparency to your clients of where they are in their journey
    • Why it matters: more transparency is what your clients want... happy clients!
  • Bulk Actions - gave you the ability to execute bulk updates to the Practice Area and Stage so you can make each click of the mouse go a little further. 
    • Why it matters: less staff time to make updates, more time to focus on case outcomes.
  • Automation - enhanced automation capabilities triggered by NetPromoter Score (NPS) by practice area.
    • Why it matters: manage different client journeys appropriately, allowing you to turn lower scores into higher ones, and getting those clients with high scores to provide reviews & referrals.
  • Stage Mapping - ability for you to map integration practice areas and stages to Case Status stages. 
    • Why it matters: your back-office flow matches your clients' front-office experience which means more transparency for your client so they can self-serve via the app.
  • Daily Digest - updated to include a link to view all cases with unread messages. 
    • Why it matters: you can respond a little faster to those unread messages, and fast response times drive client satisfaction.
  • Checklists - added ability to re-order checklist items. 
    • Why it matters: makes you a little more organized as your checklist pivots.  A better organized you keeps you presents better to your client and keeps the case running most efficiently.
  • Cases Filters - added option to filter by client interaction (app, no-app, etc.).
    • Why it matters: using the app is the most delightful experience for your client.  It provides transparency for the case, and empowers them.  Knowing who hasn't used it gives you an opportunity to re-invite and encourage their participation.
  • Displays - notating if a client has opted out of text messages
    • Why it matters: any opt-out should prompt a 1:1 outreach.  Understand the why behind the opt-out and make a plan to ensure the client still engaged via the platform.
  • Client dialing SMS number - the ability to provide a voice response for those clients who mistakenly call your SMS text number looking to have a conversation with your team.  
    • Why it matters: even if the customer makes a mistake with the technology, you can be one step ahead and get them back on track to the proper channel greatly improving client satisfaction.

Integration Enhancements:

  • Litify: Created treatment and appointment Apex class in order to sync treatment logs/appointments from litify back to Case Status
  • Filevine: Created the webhook which allows users to send messages from within filevine
  • MerusCase: Added the ability to sync stages from Merus back to Case Status
  • Zapier: Ability to create appointments in Case Status
  • MyCase: Built out the first version of the MyCase Integration
  • SmartAdvocate: Built out the first version of the Smart Advocate Integration
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