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Case Status Product Update & Sneak Peak 👀 March 2022- Firm Insights, Improved Editing, & More!

We are doing everything in our power to ensure that you are well equipped to manage communications with your clients while giving them the best client experience!


I'm Leah Maggin, the Product Manager here at Case Status. I'm going to start writing up our Product Updates going forwards, as I work directly with the Development team. 

April’s Sneak Peek: What we are working on this month

Adjustment Slider for Practice Area Stages

With the expansion of Practice Areas and increasing the stage limit to 12, now updating your stages is even easier.

Firms will be able to drag and drop the stages anywhere within the Practice Areas, making setup and restructuring existing ones a breeze. This will allow firms to set up the descriptions of their stages prior to knowing the exact order beforehand. This enhancement is expected to be released early April. 

Add Attachments to Bulk and Templated Messages

Most firms have various documents that they need to send to their clients over the course of a case. This has always been possible in Case Status when individually messaging or by adding a link to a third party document manager for bulk messages. 

However starting in April, firms will be able to add attachments to their message templates as well as to bulk messages.

Firm Insights Enhancement

Soon we'll be swapping out the current firm insights for a new dashboard reporting platform called Sisense. These new dashboards include what currently exists on firm insights but are flexible enough to be filtered by user, practice area, and date range. This enhancement allows firm administrators to gain more insight and tools to report on how the app is being utilized specifically for each firm.

Before we launch Firm Insights, we looking for some "Early Adopters" to help us kick the tires on the new dashboards. If you're interested in being one of the first law firms to have access to the new Firm Insights dashboards, please email me at support@casestatus.com with the Subject Line: Early Adopter.

As we enhance Firm Insights, we will also soon have the ability to provide customized dashboards and enhanced analytics information for firms that want a more detailed snapshot of their business.

Stay tuned for more updates to the amazing product feature.

If you want assistance implementing any new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

March’s Release: What’s New Now!

Updated Text Editor

Setup is now a breeze with our new text editor 

We have started the roll out on a new text editor that will retain all formatting when copied and pasted into Case Status. Any text created outside of Case Status and formatted with bold, italics, hyperlinks or even page breaks will be retained once pasted into Case Status. This has been implemented for the text editor for Practice Areas as well as Message Templates and will be rolled out to all other text areas shortly.

Filter and Sort by NPS

As most firms know, Net Promoter Score is the industry standard to gauging client satisfaction and obtaining meaningful feedback. Now you can easily filter and sort your cases by promoters and detractors right on the main cases page! The NPS column can be added using the settings toggle and the new filter is at the top next to the Status filter. Both of these will pull the score most recently provided by the client.

This new feature is great on it's own but even better if used in tandem with our bulk messaging. Do you have several cases that are close to wrapping up and need reviews? Simply filter the cases by Practice Area, Stage and NPS of 9 and 10 to send out a bulk message requesting a review!

Modified Appointment Notifications

At Case Status, our number one objective is to decrease unnecessary client communication so firms can focus on the important aspects of the case. With our most recent release, we added an additional way to mitigate this by adding automated messages for modified and canceled appointments. 

Once an appointment has been created, any modifications to the date, time or address will trigger an automated message to be sent to the client. If the appointment is cancelled, this will also trigger a message letting the client know. This will apply to all appointments regardless of type. The best part is, there is no setup work needed to add this feature to your firm! Simply edit or cancel and appointment and the message will be sent. 

Integration News

New Integrations- As we continue to grow as a company, we grow our relationships with our integration partners to bring you exactly what you need.


Apex Class Updates

Apex Classes have been updated to accept a list of attorneys and paralegals in order to sync more than just the primary attorney when the cases is created in Case Status.

Treatment Apex class endpoint has been built out to allow treatment logs to be created in Case Status from the Damages tab in Litify

If you need assistance with being able to pull in multiple firm members to a case, please reach out to support@casestatus.com


D.O.B. & SSN Integration

Case Status will now pull the SSN & Date of Birth field from MerusCase and import that into the client information, eliminating the need for double entry and can be tied to a Birthday Date Based Automation.

All Integrations

Message syncs to case management software have been increased to 2 mins.  

The Message sync frequency for all integrations has been increased from 10 minutes to every 2 minutes enabling firms to respond to clients faster and more efficiently. 

If your firm needs help matching up practice areas and phases or would like to learn more, please contact me at support@casestatus.com 

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