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Case Status Team Celebrates 2022 by Giving Back

Case Status is a proud community member of North Charleston.  As such, the Case Status Team Celebrates 2022 by giving back and partnering with North Charleston High School.

There is noting like being part of the Case Status team.  In my short time here, I have been overcome by the radically innovative force that is the collective energy of every staff member at Case Status.  That energy spills over as we reflect on the milestone year that 2022 was for our mission.  As such, we pulled together this holiday season to give back to an important cause that makes our community stronger: education for the next generation.  The team pitched-in to contribute over $2500 to North Charleston High School (NCHS) which will benefit the students and staff.  The money donated was used to purchase gift cards to local grocery stores.  On December 9, Andy Seavers, our co-founder and CEO, and Greg Taylor, our Chief Sales Officer, delivered the gift to representatives at the school.  NCHS will distribute so that families of students will find it a little easier to afford groceries this Christmas season.

Case Status is proudly headquartered in the heart of Park Circle in North Charleston.  NCHS is just five blocks away. According to the U.S. News and World Report, the majority of the 750+ students who attend NCHS are economically disadvantaged. Thus, NCHS provides up to 3 meals a day for kids because many families struggle financially to put enough food on the table.

From Andy: “Staying focused in your studies is hard enough with everything going on in a young person’s life.  I can only imagine how much more difficult that is if a student is hungry. We see these kids every day. They give their all.  We want to give something back to help them reach their potential.”

From Greg: “As a nascent and fast-growing business, Case Status understands the importance of focus and energy to bring a business to its full potential, and to having investors and customers who believe in the business and the team.  Similarly, we all need to invest in the kids around us and help them to be the best versions of themselves.  We are all believers that education can help make that happen.  We are investing in them.”

From the entire Case Status team, thanks again to all our customers, investors, and community members that have supported us this year.  

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