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September 2022 Product Updates and Sneak Peak đź‘€

September's Release: Advanced Case Filtering by Client Interaction, Voice Auto Responders, and more!

Filter Cases by Client Interaction

Have you sent out invitations to client but are unsure which clients have downloaded the app? Or maybe you want to know if a client has ever sent a message to us either via our app or sms? In August we will be adding a filter that can help you answer these questions and send out bulk messages accordingly! There will be a new filter added to the Cases page that allows users to filter cases by the following attributes:

  • Cases where the client has used the app
  • Cases where the client has not used the app
  • Cases where the client has sent a message (either sms or via the app)
  • Cases where the client has not sent any message (either sms or via the app)

This will be a huge help for firms if they want to re-send invites to clients who are not interacting with the app or have not used the texting feature. Configuration of Voice Auto Responder Currently, if a client were to dial the number their Case Status texts were delivered from, they would be answered with a voice message stating that the number has not been configured for voice messages. Our new feature in August will instead allow firms to set up their custom voice response letting their clients know which number to call to reach their firm. The Case Status team will be able to configure the voice responder content as well as the voice that is used.Several Integration UpdatesWe have made several exciting updates to our integrations that are detailed in the integration section below! Please reach out to us if your firm would like help setting up any of these new features.Read about what we're working on in the future below, with new features like Client Opt-Out Notification & Integration Enhancements!

If you want assistance implementing any new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

October's Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month: Client Opt-Out Notification & Integration Enhancements!

Client Opt-out Notification

When the initial invite SMS message is delivered to a client, mobile carriers have started to require that an 'opt-out' option is provided to the consumer in case they don't wish to receive text messages. If the client were to respond 'STOP', this would mark the client in our system as opting out but there is currently no notification on the client or case alerting firm users of this. 

We will be adding an alert badge both on the 'Clients' tab as well as within the case next to the individual client that alerts firms if one of their clients has opted out. This will signify to the firm that they will need to contact the client outside of Case Status and get them to opt back in, in order to receive messages. 

MyCase File Syncing

We will be adding a new feature to our most recent integration MyCase. This will enable all documents that are uploaded to our system by either the client or firm users to be synced back into MyCase into their Documents section. 

SmartAdvocate Integration

Our newest integration is now underway! We are working on building the SmartAdvocate integration which will enable users to integrate SmartAdvocate with Case Status in order to import cases and update cases. Additionally messages and documents that are added to the Case Status system will sync back into SmartAdvocate.  

If your firm needs help matching up practice areas and phases or would like to learn more, please contact me at support@casestatus.com 

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