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Does Clio Have a Client Portal?

At Case Status, we have integrations with the world’s best legal software, including the Clio legal case management suite. Our client portal easily fits into Clio’s dashboard, enhancing its existing features and giving your clients faster, automated access to your firm. 

Clio is a top-rated legal software thanks to its wide range of services. From calendaring to billing, document management, and communication, it presents an all-in-one solution for law firms that want to streamline their operations. 

One of the most recently added features is the Clio client portal. This end-user-facing feature is meant to help clients perform various tasks on their own, in the hopes of sparing the firm from unnecessary calls, emails, and delays while boosting satisfaction. As experts on this subject here at Case Status, we thought it would be a good exercise to break down what we know about Clio’s native client portal.

Exploring Clio’s Client Portal 

The Clio client portal is available in English and Spanish to help clients get more on-demand, personalized service. Lawyers send each client a special login, which they can use to set up a face ID or a password to protect their information. The sign-up process is simple and straightforward, using the same format that they will find on virtually every other app. 

Clio’s client portal software has three key features:

  1. Messaging — Clients can send and receive direct messages through the secure user platform. 
  2. Document Sharing — The portal makes it easy to scan and upload documents and pass them along to the firm. Instead of dealing with multiple emails, faxes, or even mail, the entire discovery process is simplified on both ends.
  3. Billing — Thanks to the Clio for Clients software, the firm doesn’t have to constantly answer inquiries about their bills. Invoices are available 24/7, and clients can pay directly through the app using debt, credit, or an eCheck.

All the best features from Clio Manage are easily accessible for lawyers on the app. So whether you depend on it solely or use it in tandem with Clio Grow, the firm will have on-the-go access to the software’s core features.

Now, thanks to the client portal, the clients can also experience the ease and convenience of an app. Instead of constantly questioning their team about the case status and related info, they can log on and find out. 

Clio Client Portal

Does Clio Have an App? 

Yes, there is a Clio app available for users on both iOS and Android. It is free to download and use. The user interface makes it good for both law firms and clients. Rather than add another step to the legal mix, it simplifies some of the cumbersome tasks that typically slow down a firm’s key operations.

The Clio legal client app is a solid addition to the software that makes it easier for firms to stay engaged with their clients.

How Does One Access the My Clio Client Portal? 

Clients who recently started to work with a law firm that uses Clio and the My Clio Client Portal will be invited via an email that will connect them to the client portal. In the email, they select the button that says, “Open secure portal.”  If the client does not have an email, it is not clear if they can be invited to the portal.

When they are on email on their mobile device (smartphone), the client can click “Download Clio for Clients,” and download the app for free on their device.

In order to access the My Clio Client Portal, the client must use the same email address that the law firm used to email them. The portal uses the email address on file in Clio to log into Clio.  If the client does not have an email, it is not clear if they can use the portal.

When the client logs in for the first time, they will be sent a confirmation email. After they confirm their email address, they can return to the app or website. From that point they  will now be able to send and review documents, use the messaging feature, view their invoices, and pay their legal bills. 

How Does a Client Portal Work? 

For lawyers, a legal client portal software improves communication and automates or simplifies many important processes related to case-building. For example, the improved communication feature helps cut down hundreds of hours a year spent on the phone and responding to email. Because clients can easily send and receive messages, they no longer need to constantly reach out to the attorney or the firm.

Document management in Clio legal software allows lawyers to request, receive, and review information from their clients more easily. Rather than send repeated emails or schedule phone calls, you only need to send a message and wait for the client to scan or attach the right files. 

As a client, Clio makes it easier to stay connected to the lawyer and pay bills. But what about learning the specific details of the case?  That is where the premium client portal and communications platform comes in: Case Status. Case Status is a client engagement software platform, including the industry’s highest rated Mobile Client App, that delivers automatic updates and offers 24-hour access to the case by directly integrating with the client facing information in Clio.

Case Status is a more robust client portal for Clio that enhances existing communication features and adds much more. This includes automatic messaging, case updates, and checklists. 

Clio + Case Status Are Better Together 

Your law firm can provide clients the best legal software has to offer by integrating Clio legal app with Case Status. Our platform offers a firm-branded communication portal that really creates a one-stop shop for all your clients’ needs. 

When they log in for the first time, they will see your firm’s logo and colors. This ensures consistent branding and user experience the entire time they work with your team. Once they log in, clients are able to get the answer to their biggest question: “What’s my case status?”

Clients have 24/7, 365 access to their case. They can review the entire process, step by step, and see how it's unfolding in real time. Each step offers unique prompts for the client to participate. The goal is to have them log in rather than call in, so they can get the answers they want when they want it while improving your firm’s operations.

So far, Case Status helps reduce phone calls by up to 50%. Our goal is to make the entire communication process as easy as possible, so your firm can do what it does best and make clients happier than ever. 

Ready to learn more? Click here to watch a demo of Clio and Case Status in action together. 

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