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MyCase Mobile App: Keeping Your Legal Practice on the Go

Does Mycase have a mobile app?

MyCase is a legal client app that offers practice management, law firm automation, and a client portal to make communication faster and easier for both sides. If you’re researching MyCase pros and cons, it’s important to consider their flexibility and how they could fit into your firm’s current practices. Most importantly, you want to make sure MyCase is able to easily fit into your existing workflows and make them easier than ever. 

One of the biggest challenges law firms face is managing client communication on top of all their administrative tasks. We know you work hard, but your clients only get frustrated when it takes hours (if not days) to hear back from you. That is why a legal client portal can be so valuable — it offers direct access to your firm, important information, and answers to common questions whenever they arise.

Read on to learn more about MyCase’s app and how you can expand its features with Case Status.

What Is MyCase App?

You can download MyCase on Apple and Android devices. Once you log in to your account, you can review documents, check your calendar, timers, and read and respond to messages.  

Mycase App

Does MyCase Have an App?

The MyCase app is available on iOS and Android. It offers mobile access to your case details, including case type, assigned staff, and appointments. While the software is the easiest way to use the platform, it can be handy having all your must-have info on the go. 

The MyCase app is designed for lawyers, but there is also client portal features that allow them to message your firm and receive updates. However, the MyCase client portal can lack features and adoption as compared to others. If you want to upgrade your client experience, you can consider integrating MyCase with Case Status. This unlocks a new client portal that allows you to message and request documents and offer automatic, real-time case updates to your entire client base. 

They will be directed to the Case Status app where they can receive real-time updates, step-by-step timelines, and easily review their documents and important information.

How to Look Up My Case Online

You can look up any case in MyCase by logging into your account. Each case has its own profile and all the relevant details attached. You can also look up cases on the MyCase app on your Android or iPhone.

But what about clients? Should they still be kept in the dark when it comes to their case? Absolutely not. Law firms that partner MyCase with Case Status see an 85% adoption rate and see their client satisfaction rates soar. The best part is that you save hundreds of hours a year on redundant work and repeat communication. This frees up time to invest in more meaningful client conversations and activities that bring them the results they hired you to achieve.

93% of clients find what they’re looking for when they open Case Status. And when you pair it with MyCase, you can enjoy all the management features with the added benefit of a completely personalized client portal for your firm.

The Case Status client portal uses your law firm’s colors and logo. This ensures a cohesive brand identity and professional image that enhances the client experience. Rather than feel as though they’re being handed off to a third-party app, your clients can feel supported through a dashboard designed to give them all the information they need. 

See Case Status in Action

Check out our demo to learn more about how Case Status enhances MyCase with a client portal. If you’re ready to drive more engagement, boost satisfaction, and grow your law firm without all the stress, reach out to us to schedule a free call.

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