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February 2023 Case Status Product Update

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This Month's Updates:

Updated integration mapping capabilities for practice areas & stages

For our integrated firms we have made a major update to make mapping stages and practice areas even more flexible. Firms can now map multiple practice areas from their Case Management System to a singular Practice Area in Case Status. Say for instance your firm specifies within your CMS different types of personal injury cases (such as dog bite vs. slip and fall) but you would like all cases to simply be called 'Personal Injury' within Case Status. This is now easily configurable within the Practice Area Setup section. 

Similarly, we now allow multiple stages to be mapped to a singular Case Status stage. Since Case Status limits the stages available to only 12, you will be able to map your various integration stages to one of the Case Status stages to mitigate any changes needed within your Case Management configuration.

Update to the User Creation Process

For firms that are in the setup phase and adding staff to Case Status, you might not be ready to send them an invitation to join the platform until they have completed their training. Or perhaps your firm has added new staff and you need to get them assigned to their cases before inviting them to join the platform. 

Now you will be able to decide when to send out that initial email invite for all of your staff members. When adding a user, once directed to step 2 of the user creation you will notice a new checkbox at the bottom that allows you to opt in or out of sending the staff invitation.

Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

Restrict inbound client messages based on practice area or case status

Have you ever needed to send information to a client but did not want to allow them to respond with a message to your firm? Or perhaps you have closed out one of their cases and need to ensure all communication is done in the remaining open case. Case Status is working on a solution that will enable an entire practice area to restrict inbound client communication. This will also be configurable for if the case is in the closed status or any status within that practice area. 

Filter cases by review sent vs not sent

One of the best ways to generate new business is through the power of good online reviews. Our NPS filter can help you determine which clients to request reviews from, but how do you ensure you have not requested a review from someone already? Soon you will be able to filter your cases to determine who you have and haven't sent a review to! This will assist you in bulk messaging clients to request a review to ensure your firm is getting the good exposure it deserves.

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