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October's Release: Improve Law Firm Efficiency

Tricks & Treats: Bulk Actions within reach, faster access to message templates, personalizing your checklist, and more

We are excited to bring you our October installment of Case Status Product Updates: Improve Law Firm Efficiency.  You will find a few tricks and treats below that will improve efficiency by helping you execute faster in the admin portal, giving you time back in your busy day.

If you would like to take a deeper dive beyond what is in this blog, join us in our next monthly Customer Web Event by registering here.  We will review these enhancements and hone-in on how to apply best practices to drive happy clients.

Bulk Actions front and center

One-to-many communications can really help a law firm scale in getting timely and important information out.  Hopefully you are taking full advantage of the Bulk Action tools in Case Status that allow you to work smarter, not harder. 

The next time you log into Case Status, you will notice that all Bulk Actions types have been consolidated into a single menu item by the same name.  After selecting the desired cases, click the new Bulk Actions button and a pop-up modal will appear to make it easier to find the right action for the job.  This will not only give you faster access, but will also be a better home for bulk actions as we work to add to the overall list in the future.  

Search Message Templates Quickly

Message templates certainly expedite and standardize regular communications with your clients.  But we know the template lists can get quite long for all the different messages you have pre-built.  Now, the next time you build that standard message, you have the ability to search and filter your message templates to quickly get to the right one… and get that communication out.  No more scrolling through a long list to find that template on the bottom.

Re-order your checklist items

If you are like me, your checklist is the lifeblood of your daily efforts.  And if your like me, your checklist typically has a hierarchy or order to it.  So starting this month you now have the ability to re-order your checklist to suit your style and priority preferences.  Simply grab the item (via the 3 parallel lines) on the left and move it up or down.  Here’s to knocking out those items one by one!

If you want assistance implementing any new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

November's Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

In this sneak peek, I want to talk a little about 2023 planning.  As we hit November, we have lots to be thankful for.  In addition to development and engineering in the product, we will be working hard to establish how we can help you make the most of current and future capabilities in the platform throughout the new year.  We are in the process of running a customer survey to learn what information in our monthly blogs, emails, and webinars will be most helpful to driving your outcomes.  Next month, along with any product updates, we will share this feedback and outline some exciting plans for 2023 with regards to communications, virtual events, training opportunities and more.  

Customization by Practice Area

Does your firm have a diverse case list consisting of multiple practice areas that might have different needs? For example perhaps you have Personal Injury cases that require the treatment log feature but your DUI cases do not.

Case Status is now working on creating Practice Area Settings that will allow firms to use what were previously global firm settings at the practice area level. The first iteration will allow firms to turn the treatment logs & medical appointments on or off for a practice area as well as change the label name of the 'appointments' tab such as updating it to 'Hearings'. 

MyCase Integration

We continue to round out the integration features for MyCase.  Keep on the lookout for next's month's announcement about General Availability and opportunities to learn more for all MyCase customers and firms considering the MyCase solution.

If your firm needs help matching up practice areas and phases or would like to learn more, please contact me at support@casestatus.com 

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