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January 2023 Case Status Product Update

January 2023 Case Status Product Update

Wow!  Is January almost over already?!?  Well it's not to late to wish Happy New Year to all the Case Status Pros out there as this is our January 2023 Case Status Product Update (our first of the year!)  Last year was a milestone, but we are now looking forward and excited about the transformations we are going to enable this year.  Simply put: the entire Case Status team is 100% focused on your firm.  From education & expectation setting as you evaluate solutions, to transitioning to our customer success teams as you implement and invite your clients to the platform, to engaging with our account management resources to optimize & expand your use of the technology... our entire focus is on your success and on real outcomes for your firm, your staff, and your clients.  Our own internal measurements will be a scorecard on your successes.  There will be many!

Monthly Customer Success Webinars

  • Join us in February for our next webinar focused on new features and best practices.  Its a place to take a deeper dive beyond what is in this blog.  Register here
  • Missed us in January?  That's ok.  We know you are busy.  Check out a the recording here.  Feature updates started around the 8:45 minute mark.  Our best practice of the month was client adoption of the mobile app which starts around the 16:40 mark.

FeedbackTake our first survey of the year and enter to win one of four $25 Starbucks gift cards announced in our February Customer Webinar.

This Month's Updates:

New Bulk Action: Assign Primary Attorney

For both our integrated and non integrated firms, bulk actions are a crucial piece of the Case Status software that allows firm users to update attributes of their cases in mass. We previously gave you the ability to add or replace staff on a case but one major piece was missing; the ability to replace who the primary attorney is on a case.

Now we have added that missing piece of the puzzle which will allow firms to quickly update the primary attorney which will be the first staff member listed on the 'Your Team' tab in our client mobile app. This new bulk action is listed within the bulk action modal and a screenshot of how it works is below. 

Nightly Exception Reporting for Integrated Firms

This features is for all of our integrated firms; Do you have our nightly sync turned on so that cases can be updated and imported while you sleep? Have you ever wondered the results of those nightly imports/updates? 

Now firm users have the option to turn on the 'nightly exception reporting' feature in order to receive a nightly email when the sync completes. This will provide users insight into what the results of the sync were and will show you which cases were imported, updated, or failed due to a missing or erroneous piece of data. See the screenshot below which shows how this feature can be enabled.

Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

Mapping multiple CMS Stages to a Singular Case Status Stage

For our integrated firms, often times your CMS will have a large number of stages for a practice area, while the Case Status system only supports 12. More than 12 stages is hard for clients to digest and would diminish the user experience on the mobile app, which is why we have capped it at this number. This disconnect between CMS stages and Case Status stages has caused issues in the past but soon there will be an easy solution for all firms to utilize

We are updating our integration mappings so that multiple CMS stages can be mapped to a singular Case Status stage. This will be added to the Practice Area setup where firms will be able to configure the mappings themselves and change them whenever they need to. 

Filter Cases by Review Sent vs Not Sent

One of the best ways to generate new business is through the power of good online reviews. Our NPS filter can help you determine which clients to request reviews from, but how do you ensure you have not requested a review from someone already? Soon you will be able to filter your cases to determine who you have and haven't sent a review to! This will assist you in bulk messaging clients to request a review to ensure your firm is getting the good exposure it deserves.

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