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Strategic Customer
Referral Program

Elevate Your Brand & Drive Growth in Exciting New Ways

Grow Together

The Strategic Referral Partnership Program is to acknowledge and reward customers who want to share Case Status and great Client Engagement. This is an exciting opportunity to share the word about Case Status with friends & people in your network.  You can earn rewards or get compensated for your efforts. We've set up a straightforward process to make it incredibly simple for you to refer others to Case Status.

Grow Together

We are radically transforming legal services to deliver superior client engagement, and we are growing fast. We want to share with you starting with driving your top-line revenue growth or reaching cost neutrality with our solution.

Be a Thought Leader

You are a leader in delivering excellent legal services and other firms look to you as an example of what to do. We can help you elevate how you impact your network of firms, which will continue to increase your influence and inter-firm outcomes.

Creativity Counts

Alternate funding of important initiatives can help projects get off the ground or continue to expand. Use proceeds from the program to drive employee engagement, community outreach or anything else that helps drive your brand.

What's in it for you?

Join us in spreading the word about Case Status and reap the benefits of being a key part of our community.
Be a Leader
Be recognized as a legal thought leader that is delivering the next generation of client experience.
Earn Rewards
Earn financial rewards for your business by referring new customers through the program.
Improve our Industry
Share your experiences with your colleagues on the key advantages of using Case Status.
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Give Back
Fund important programs like staff appreciation, recognition or supporting you favorite non profit.

Individual Partnership

  • For Firms who want to allow their staff to share with their networks.
  • Simply share contact information and give them a heads up we will be reaching out
  • Payout to your staff member when referred firm buys & implements

Firm Partnership

A firm level engagement to take sharing Case Status to the next level with revenue sharing
  • Meet with Case Status team regularly to help with referral strategy
  • Co-marketing/Event opportunities
  • Dedicated Sales Contact
  • For each referral that results in a fully implemented  Case Status customer we will pay a referral fee for a percent of 1st year total contract value (TCV)

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Simply fill out this form to notify our team that you are interested in participating in the program. From there, it is a breeze. Introduce Case Status to other firms in your network and we will do the rest. As we go through our consultative selling process, if we get to a demonstration, we log it and you get a payout. If we close the deal that successfully implements, we log it and you get a payout.

Financial Incentives

The program starts with a simplified financial payout available to all
participants: $500 for an introduction that progresses to a successful
implementation. The Firm Level Program pays a percent of the first year's
average subscription fee instead of a flat fee. With a quick sales process and a
30-60 day implementation process, you can see the payouts in very little time.
Firm Level partnerships are available that increase the payback.


We close better than 2 out of 3 of firms referred to us by our customers. This is
why firms in the program see such a good results. The decision journey for the
buying firm is so much easier when they can hear from someone they trust (you),
hear about your results first-hand, and visualize themselves putting the platform
into play in a similar way.

“...very strong and well organized. They even have an app the tracks your case live so you know exactly how your case is proceeding.”

David B.
to Pond Lehocky Giordano

“...has a client portal used for communication and if I sent a message, I never went 24 hours without a response from someone on the team.”

Sam W.
to Richard Harris Law Firm

“I could always reach a representative of the firm through the Case Status app that gave me a detailed progress and where I could look at the entire process on my case right from my phone.”

Tawana T
to Saiontz and Kirk
4.9 • 10,000+ Ratings

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We believe new software should be easy to adopt, and it should be exciting and fun to implement because it’s for the benefit of your clients. Start incorporating best practices in client management alongside the other thought leaders and innovators in the industry.