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We are radically transforming legal services to deliver superior client engagement, and we are growing fast. We want to share with you starting with driving your top-line revenue growth or reaching cost neutrality with our solution.

Be a Thought Leader

You are a leader in delivering excellent legal services and other firms look to you as an example of what to do. We can help you elevate how you impact your network of firms, which will continue to increase your influence and inter-firm outcomes.

Creativity Counts

Alternate funding of important initiatives can help projects get off the ground or continue to expand. Use proceeds from the program to drive employee engagement, community outreach or anything else that helps drive your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Simply fill out this form to notify our team that you are interested in participating in the program. From there, it is a breeze. Introduce Case Status to other firms in your network and we will do the rest. As we go through our consultative selling process, if we get to a demonstration, we log it and you get a payout. If we close the deal that successfully implements, we log it and you get a payout.
What Are The Financial Incentives?
The program starts with a simplified financial payout available to all participants: $ per introduction that progresses to a successful demo of the platform and $$$$$ for an introduction that progresses to a successful implementation. With a quick sales process and a 30-60 day implementation process, you can see the payouts in very little time. Advanced partnerships are available that increase the payback.
What is your close percentage on referred firms?
We close better than 2 out of 3 of firms referred to us by our customers. This is why firms in the program see such a good payout.  The decision journey for the buying firm is so much easier when they can hear from someone they trust (you), hear about your results first hand, and visualize themselves putting the platform into play in a similar way.
With Case Status, 93% of clients open the Case Status app and find what they are looking for without contacting their law firm.
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