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Practice Area Automation & NPS! | July 2022 Product Updates and Sneak Peek đź‘€

July's Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

Read about what we're working on in the future below! And details on new feature releases around Practice Area Automation based on NPS & case counts. 

Daily Digest Updates

We are making it even easier for Firms to stay up to date with all unread client messages by changing up the Daily Digest email. 

This new feature will add a link to the daily digest email that when clicked, will lead you to the main cases page pre-filtered to all the cases noted in the email. The best part about this feature is that if the Daily Digest email is forwarded to another firm user, the link will still work to filter cases for the original user. This means if a staff member leaves a firm, this Daily Digest email can be used by other firm users to determine which messages still need to be addressed. 

Firm Controlled Integration Mapping

Does your firm have an integration with Case Status and use our stage mapping feature? If so, in the past any change made to the stage names in the Case Management System would then have to be communicated to Case Status in order to be updated and mapped. Now we are putting the control in the firms hands!

We will be adding a new field in the Practice Area section, directly under each stage. Now firms can edit both the display stage name, which is visible to clients, as well as the mapping stage, which links the display name to the stage name in the case management system.  

Stay tuned for more updates to the amazing product feature.

If you want assistance implementing any new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

July's Release: What’s New Now!

Practice Area Automation based on NPS

We have a released a new Practice Area Automation to make sure you are making the most of the feedback your clients are providing!

This new automation will enable firms to set up an automated message to be sent to clients when a designated score is provided on the selected stage. This automation can be used to thank clients for glowing feedback or request reviews based on it. Conversely it can be used to ensure unhappy clients feel heard and can express their displeasure directly to their team to hopefully turn that score around. 

Practice Area Automation

Display the Case Count for each Practice Area

We have added the count of cases to the Practice Area page to give firms better visibility on the types of cases and clients they currently have in our system. Users can navigate to Settings > Practice Areas and then click an individual Practice Area to see how many cases currently exist.

This will be a huge help when firms are setting up their Case Status account in case they need to reconfigure stages or remove duplicate or obsolete Practice Areas. 

Integration News

New Integrations- As we continue to grow as a company, we grow our relationships with our integration partners to bring you exactly what you need.


Apex Class Updates

Apex Classes have been updated to accept a list of attorneys and paralegals in order to sync more than just the primary attorney when the cases is created in Case Status.

Treatment Apex class endpoint has been built out to allow treatment logs to be created in Case Status from the Damages tab in Litify

If you need assistance with being able to pull in multiple firm members to a case, please reach out to support@casestatus.com


Updates to Attorney Mapping

If your firm uses the 'Contacts' feature in Filevine to assign staff members to a case, we have refined the process of how the primary attorney is selected for Case Status. Now Firms can customize the Primary on a case by the role they are assigned. Reach out to your Case Status support team to let them know what role should be assigned as the Primary and they can configure this for your firm.


D.O.B. & SSN Integration

Case Status will now pull the SSN & Date of Birth field from MerusCase and import that into the client information, eliminating the need for double entry and can be tied to a Birthday Date Based Automation.

All Integrations

Message syncs to case management software have been increased to 2 mins.  

The Message sync frequency for all integrations has been increased from 10 minutes to every 2 minutes enabling firms to respond to clients faster and more efficiently. 

If your firm needs help matching up practice areas and phases or would like to learn more, please contact me at support@casestatus.com 

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