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Additional Filtering & Text Voice Auto Responder! | August 2022 Product Updates and Sneak Peak

August's Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month: Additional Filtering & Text Voice Auto Responder!

Read about what we're working on in the future below, with new features like Additional Filtering & Text Voice Auto Responder!! And details on new feature releases around Practice Area Automation based on NPS & case counts. 

Filter Cases by Client Interaction

Have you sent out invitations to client but are unsure which clients have downloaded the app? Or maybe you want to know if a client has ever sent a message to us either via our app or sms? In August we will be adding a filter that can help you answer these questions and send out bulk messages accordingly! 

There will be a new filter added to the Cases page that allows users to filter cases by the following attributes:

  • Cases where the client has used the app
  • Cases where the client has not used the app
  • Cases where the client has sent a message (either sms or via the app)
  • Cases where the client has not sent any message (either sms or via the app)

This will be a huge help for firms if they want to re-send invites to clients who are not interacting with the app or have not used the texting feature. 

Configuration of Voice Auto Responder 

Currently if a client were to dial the number their Case Status texts were delivered from, they would be answered with a voice message stating that the number has not been configured for voice messages. 

Our new feature in August will instead allow firms to setup their custom voice response letting their clients know which number to call to reach their firm. The Case Status team will be able to configure the voice responder content as well as the voice that is used.

Several Integration Updates

We have made several exciting updates to our integrations that are detailed in the integration section below! Please reach out to us if your firm would like help setting up any of these new features.

Stay tuned for more updates to the amazing product feature.

If you want assistance implementing any new feature for your firm schedule a time with your Account Manager. 

July's Release: What’s New Now!

Daily Digest Updates

The Daily Digest updates are now live! If you have signed up to receive a daily digest of any unread messages you have in Case status, you will notice there is a new link appended to the email. 

This new link will lead you to the main cases page pre-filtered to all the cases noted in the email. If the link in this new feature is forwarded to another firm user, the same filters will remain in place that were there for the original user. This means if a staff member leaves a firm, this Daily Digest email can be used by other firm users to determine which messages still need to be addressed. 

Firm Controlled Integration Mapping

We are putting more of the power in our firms hands when it comes to setting up and changing how Case Status integrates with your Case Management System.

Perviously, any change made to the stage names in the Case Management System would then have to be communicated to Case Status in order to be updated and mapped. Now firm users with access to edit the Practice Area section are able to directly update these stage names and ensure they are mapped appropriately. 

The new field in the Practice Area section is directly under each stage. Firms can edit both the display stage name, which is visible to clients, as well as the mapping stage, which links the display name to the stage name in the case management system.  

Additional Filtering & Text Voice Auto Responder!

Integration News

New Integrations- As we continue to grow as a company, we grow our relationships with our integration partners to bring you exactly what you need.


Our newest integration is now live!

MyCase is our newest integration partner and we have just released our V1 of this integration.

The V1 will include the ability to import cases from MyCase into Case Status as well as the ability to sync a cases' status from MyCase back to Case Status. This integration is simple to setup so please reach out to support@casestatus.com if your firm would like to activate this integration.


Ability to move stages backwards

For our firms that use Zapier to update the stage of their case in Case Status, we have updated the integration to support moving the stages backwards as well as forwards. This should help firms that may need to send cases back to a previous stage. 


Ability to send messages directly from Filevine

We have come out with a brand new feature for the Filevine integration that allows firm users to send messages to clients directly from within the Filevine platform. Once this feature is configured, a firm user will simply add a comment to the Case Status thread within that case. The message will then post back to Case Status and be delivered directly to the client(s). 

If your firm needs help matching up practice areas and phases or would like to learn more, please contact me at support@casestatus.com 

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