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Clio App: What Are the Core Functions and Features?

What does the Clio App do?

When you’re looking for a legal client app and you are using Clio for your practice management it's hard not to consider the Clio for Clients App. Clio software is rated number one across the industry thanks to its various automated features that make running a law firm easier. Their legal client app comes along for the ride.  Thanks to a user-friendly, all-in-one dashboard for staff, the legal team can use Clio to connect with clients, review documents, manage case matters, send invoices, receive payments, and so much more. The idea of the Clio for Clients App is to complement all this back-office efficiency and to further streamline connections to the client.  It is not to be confused with the Clio for Law Firms and Lawyers App which is also a smartphone app but is targeted to be used by the legal team, not the client.  

The flexibility of Clio’s platform makes it suitable for just about every size legal firm and practice area. You can increase its features and enjoy seamless scaling as your business grows and having access to benefits like apps that make the most of our smartphone culture is a great plus. But do these Apps deliver on high adoption and usage by clients?  The jury is still out.

When you’re just beginning to explore legal software options, it can be quite challenging to determine the ideal platform for your law firm. This is particularly true when it comes to selecting the virtual front-office solution for managing client engagement. Rest assured, we've prepared this guide to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the Clio App, encompassing its fundamental features and advantages. Furthermore, you can enhance your experience by incorporating Case Status, a highly acclaimed legal client app with a 5-star rating. Designed with a deep understanding of consumer behavior in mind, Case Status seamlessly integrates with the Clio practice management solution, offering a more robust and efficient solution for your law firm's needs.

Clio App

What Does Clio Do for a Law Firm?

The main purpose of Clio legal software is to make managing a law firm less tedious through automation. By putting your most time-consuming tasks on auto-pilot, you can improve your service and deliver greater results to your clients. 

Clio is a legal software with several different options available:

  • Clio Manage is a law firm management software that helps reduce paperwork, simplify billing, improve the case-building process, and leverage technology for faster results. 
  • Clio Grow is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that makes client intake a breeze. It also offers a complete law firm website management software and marketing suite that allows you to grow your business more effectively online. 
  • Lawyaw is a part of Clio’s services; it helps you turn your documents into fill-in-the-blank templates that reduce errors, speed up productivity, and even automate court forms.

The real question isn’t, “What can Clio do for my law firm?” but “What do I need Clio to do?” This approach allows you to take full advantage of the legal software’s features and implement them where they can make the greatest impact. 

Regardless of which specific features you choose, Clio will help your law firm save time and improve client satisfaction. Faster turnarounds and fewer errors ultimately lead to better results.

What Do You Use Clio For?

Clio can be used to manage documents and case files, maintain better records, automate processes like calendaring and client intake, and enhance communication through the My Clio Client Portal.

The versatility of Clio makes it an excellent legal software for all types of firms, no matter what legal specialty you practice. Clio Grow can also be particularly helpful for small to midsize firms that are trying to increase inquiries and boost visibility online.

Clio can even be customized further to support solo firms. Running your own legal office is no small feat — you could spend 40-50 hours on administrative tasks alone. Clio offloads 80-90% of the tasks you’d lose dozens of hours doing, and it ensures you don’t inadvertently make mistakes that could cost you time and your clients’ satisfaction. 

Consider the most tedious aspects of your law firm right now. Ask yourself, “What’s costing me the most billable hours?” Then, look at the Clio features that could help. For example, if you tend to lose dozens of hours a week to time tracking, billing, and calendaring, Clio can handle all of that for you.

Automation makes your job easier while still keeping you in the loop. By handling the most time-consuming tasks for you, Clio makes it easier to work with useful data and keep your firm running smoothly. 

Does Clio Have a Desktop App?

Yes! The Clio App for PC offers versatility for staff, including easy document management and the ability to easily scan physical documents into the software. The Clio Launcher allows you to open files in your preferred programs, make updates, and have them saved on your desktop and in the cloud.

Thanks to Clio Drive, staff can create and manage all their case matter files on their desktop without needing to re-upload later. The data automatically syncs with Clio account, so when a team member logs in online or the mobile app, everything will be current. 

Desktop integrations allow you to expand Clio’s features and integrate them seamlessly into your daily tasks. Spend less time managing documents and more time achieving results for your clients. 

Is Clio a Good Software? 

Clio is an excellent suite of legal software that helps firms grow, manage their cases, stay on top of their finances, and even improve client communication. Clio Manage and Clio Grow are both fantastic apps for law firms, but the entire Clio platform can be taken to the next level with integrations.

Software integrations allow you to sync Clio with tools you already love or ones you want to try. Currently, Clio Software supports over 250 integrations with the top software law firms use, including Microsoft Office, Google Drive, LawPay, RapidLegal, and Case Status.

Case Status enhances Clio’s existing communication features and automates intake, case updates, and document collection. On average, law firms see a 50% reduction in inbound calls thanks to Case Status’s real-time dashboard.

Thanks to Case Status, law firms are prioritizing communication where it matters most. Instead of constantly sending emails or responding to the same questions repeatedly, they put the power in clients’ hands. 

By pairing Case Status with Clio legal software, dashboard on the app and see live updates about their case. Moreover, we provide them with a step-by-step breakdown of what their case looks like, all the way from intake to closure. 

Along the way, we can send reminders for appointments, document requests, and messages to and from your firm. 

If you would like to learn more, check out our demo of Clio and Case Status together in action. Reach out to us if you would like to book a personal demo for your firm. 

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