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Secure Client Portal: Unraveling the Secrets

In today's interconnected world, the key to digital fortresses lies in unraveling the secrets of a secure client portal. Security is part of a great client experience, especially in a field as confidential as law. When you decide to integrate a client portal app into your business, you have to make sure that it has the appropriate measures in place to protect your clients’ data. 

A secure client portal allows clients to safely secure sensitive and personal information with their lawyers. The cloud-based software utilizes the best cybersecurity practices to keep data private and prevent unauthorized access. 

We’ll spare you the high-level tech jargon and focus more on what to look for in a secure client portal. Namely, we’ll cover how a secure client software should operate and ways it can benefit your law firm. 

Secure Client Portal

What Is a Secure Client Portal?

Client portal software gives people the ability to contact a business conveniently. Security matters no matter what industry you work in, but it’s particularly relevant when you’re working in the legal field. 

Rule 1.6 of the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct outline a lawyer’s responsibilities in maintaining client confidentiality. There are some exceptions, of course, such as if a lawyer believes a client could be in danger of harming themselves or others. 

But aside from a handful of specific circumstances, the attorney-client privilege requires a lawyer to keep all of their communication with clients private. That’s why they need a secure client portal to support their practice.  

What Is a Client Portal Used For? 

There are many applications for a client portal. It can be a secure file sharing app, dashboard, and messaging system all in one. Some client portal examples include: 

  • Real-time messaging for more efficient communication
  • Smart messaging templates to boost productivity 
  • Mass messaging to send firm updates to your entire clientele 
  • Automated reminders for appointments and document requests
  • Secure interactions that protect data from unauthorized access 

These are some of the core features of the Case Status mobile client portal. The messaging feature keeps lawyers and clients on the same page at all times through fast, easy communication. 

You can also use Case Status to push text messages from the app, sending an instant SMS to one or all of your clients. With a 98% read rate within three minutes, text is the most reliable way to get your messages seen by clients. 

While using your personal phone for work could raise ethical concerns, Case Status is a secure client portal that allows you to directly text clients through the software. 

Client portals are meant to scale, and they help both small and large firms stay current with client communication. It doesn’t matter whether you’re managing one client or 100. You need a dependable platform to handle all of your messages, so clients always feel supported. 

How Do I Upload a File Securely? 

Thanks to new legal technology, law firms can minimize the risks that come from traditional file sharing. Email isn’t always secure, and clients may send attachments that are later compromised. Direct mail is long and can be lost, which only delays the case. 

Secure file sharing is the most efficient method of building case matter today. It delivers immediate results that helps lawyers work faster and deliver greater results to their clients. 

The only way to securely share a file is by using a protected app. There should be a single access point where clients can securely upload files from their phones or computers and share them with your firm. 

An encrypted cloud-based storage that’s only accessible by your firm ensures that you are the only one who has access to your clients’ personal information. You can also share files with clients through a secure client portal. This ensures accuracy and avoids confusion that often stems from attorneys and clients referring to different versions of a document.

You can easily collaborate with all of your clients through a secure file sharing app. They gain peace of mind knowing their data is protected; your job is easier thanks to real-time updates that ensure everyone has access to the latest file versions. 

Use Case Status to Protect Your Firm’s Communication 

We didn’t just make Case Status for lawyers. We made it to help legal client apps get better service by leveraging technology. We’re all connected to our smartphones, so why not use them to optimize legal service? 

With Case Status, your firm gets round-the-clock updates about client engagement and satisfaction. Integrated touchpoints prompt clients to report how they’re feeling, which can give you valuable insights about your client care success. 

Lawyers benefit from automated messaging, customizable templates, and data-driven insights about client engagement. Integrations with the leading CRMs such as Clio and MyCase make it easier for you to stay on track of all your interactions. 

Clients can request and receive immediate status updates and enjoy faster communication. They also have 24-hour access to information regarding their case, which can drastically lower the number of calls and emails your firm deals with each day.

Instead of waiting for emails and hoping clients return a call, you can use Case Status to make immediate requests for information. If they have any concerns, they can read educational resources you’ve provided in the app to get answers right away. 

The customer experience never feels awkward or mismanaged with Case Status. We tie everything together with personalized branding that includes your logo and colors. 

With our app, 93% of clients find what they’re looking for without contacting their firm. Does this mean they rely on their lawyers less? Not at all. It means they’re being given the personalized support they need on demand.

If you’d like to learn more about Case Status, we’d love to show you how it can benefit your practice. Schedule a consultation with our team today. You’ll just need to tell us a bit about your business so we can customize your demo experience. 

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