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We are the Leading Client App Portal & Messaging Platform for Law Firms. Our Integration to CASEpeer will radically transforming how easily you can engage with your Personal Injury clients in a more delightful way. Happy clients will drive business growth.

Millions of Clients Trust Firms that use Case Status

Consumers spend 5 hours a day on their smartphones,
93% of that time in Apps.

The best brands deliver an App that matches their brand experience.

The 5-star App is the difference.

The Results of CASEpeer Law Firms That Use Case Status

Client Adoption of the Case Status 5-star App
4.2 hr
Response Time vs. Industry Average of 48-72 hours
Hours Saved in Just 9 Months
Small firm of 2 staff
NPS Score
vs. Industry Average of 32
“The Case Status Platform is a game changer. It is the technology for our front-office that pairs perfectly with CASEpeer, that does all the hard work in our back-office. We are already seeing a first wave of improvement with a decrease in inbound calls. But the platform gives us all the insights we need so we know the clients are happily engaged!” -Margie Coleman (Paralegal at Mark Thomas Injury Lawyer)

Client Engagement

We help CASEpeer firms drive client engagement by giving a window into all the great work your team is doing on their case. Say goodbye to emails and calls asking, "what's going on with my case?"

Enhanced Communication

We compliment CASEpeer with communication automation, mass messaging & a platform that is always in reach: on your client’s smartphone.

Grow The Law Firm Business

We are radically-focused on improving client satisfaction, lowering OPEX, driving 5-star reviews, & growing new business through referrals.

CASEpeer + Case Status in Action

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Learn how the integration between CASEpeer and Case Status will drive awesome business results for your firm.

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Happy Clients & Hours Saved

Learn How Mark Thomas Injury Lawyer puts clients first to help the firm's business flourish with integration to CASEpeer.

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Who is CASEpeer

Not familiar with CASEpeer? Spend 2 minutes to get to know the  #1 rated case management software for personal injury law firms.

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Get To Know CASEpeer

CASEpeer is the #1 rated case management software for personal injury law firms. Unlike other legal practice management solutions, CASEpeer is built for personal injury law firms. Streamline your firm's operations with a centralized case management hub across your practice - from intuitive dashboards and calendaring to medical treatment tacking, litigation tools and more.

Happier Clients
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Integrate Case Status into your CASEpeer ecosystem

The purpose of this section is to set expectations of how to set up the integration for CASEpeer and details of the integration inner-workings.

Setup (Expected Time: 1 -2 hours)

Requirements for full CASEpeer integration capabilities:

- Must have a login for an active version of CASEpeer

- Must have a Case Status API Key issued by the Case Status team

- Must have a Case Status Login and must be configured prior to integration

Once the Case Status API Key has been generated:

- Navigate to your CASEpeer account settings

- In the ‘Integrations’ section, search for Case Status and hit ‘Manage’The CASEpeer key along with a blank API key will appear. Input the Case Status API Key that was provided by Case Status support, hit 'enable', and save the setting

- Make sure to copy the CASEpeer Key and send it to your Case Status rep to finish setting up the integration. You'll get notified by your rep when the setup is complete.


- Firm must provide an implementation manager with 2-5 test Cases, to be used for testing the integration.

- While not required, it is preferred for your Firm to give temporary CASEpeer access to the implementation manager in order to expedite the setup and testing process.

How the Integration Works

Automatically sync new cases in CASEpeer to Case Status or manually trigger cases to sync from CASEpeer to Case Status. In Case Status, there is a button labeled “Sync with CASEpeer” that allows a user to pull all cases from CASEpeer and update them in Case Status if they had been previously synced from CASEpeer. For this to be possible, all cases in CASEpeer that had been created before integrating with Case Status must be marked as a Case Status eligible case in CASEpeer. All cases after the integration will have this designation after using the “Connect to Case Status” button in CASEpeer.

- On the initial import, CASEpeer can push all cases into Case Status and put together a script to have those cases synced. Case Status may be able to help manually trigger cases if the initial import will not include all of the firm's cases.

- New Cases
can be synced to Case Status within your CASEpeer case instance. Navigate to the case in question and click the 'Connect to Case Status' option in the dropdown menu. A pop up will detail the case information that will be pushed into Case Status. The 'Attorney Email' that is listed must exist as an attorney user in Case Status and the client must have a valid cell phone number, first name, and last name. If any of these are missing you an error will appear when you attempt to sync. Ensure that all required information is present and accurate. Once confirmed the case should be instantly imported into Case Status.
Once a case has been imported into Case Status, the nightly request at 9:00pm EST will ensure that the information in CASEpeer matches up to the information in Case Status if the case is available. The automatic request runs nightly and will update all cases that exist in Case Status and as needed create new cases.

- Users will also have access to a ‘Sync with CASEpeer’ button where the user can update all cases or individual cases in Case Status instantly.

The integration allows for both messages and documents in Case Status to automatically sync to the case in CASEpeer

- Send a message in Case Status from a CASEpeer case.
From CASEpeer, Select 'Send Message to Case Status' on the menu dropdown, type your message, and simply hit send.

- Messages in Case Status will sync automatically every two minutes and can be found in the ‘Case Notes’ section within the case. Your message will be sent by the Case Status platform as the Primary Attorney listed on the case. If a message needs to be sent by a different attorney or paralegal, this can be done by logging into the Case Status platform.

- All messages that are synced will have a pretext that states "Received message from Case Status: Message from Case Status:"

- Documents will sync automatically every 24 hours. When documents are synced they can be found in the case under 'Documents'.

Update the status of a case in Case Status automatically. When a case’s status changes in CASEpeer, the status of the case is updated in Case Status during our nightly request, only if the case was synced using the “Connect to Case Status” button in CASEpeer.

- To trigger the update manually, press the Sync with CASEpeer button in Case Status. This will update the case unless the case was not synced to CASEpeer using the Connect to Case Status button in CASEpeer.

- By default, when the status of a case is updated, the matching stage in Case Status will be updated. Your integration manager also has the ability to map one stage update to another. For example, if the case is updated to “Released From Treatment”, by default the integration will look for a stage in Case Status called “Released From Treatment” within the current practice area of that case. It can instead be mapped to something like “Treatment Completed.

- When a case is closed in CASEpeer, it will also be closed in Case Status when the nightly sync runs at 9pm EST.

- At this time, Case Status supports between 2 and 12 stages

- It’s important to note that clients will not receive notifications while this sync is in progress. Notifications will begin to be delivered to your clients at the start of your firm's operating hours as they are set within Case Status.

Additional Items that Require a Zapier Account:

Although CASEpeer has a Zapier account, we have been unable to get any Zapier functionality to work at this time. This will likely change in the future.

Field Mapping

Please refer to our help center article on CASEpeer field mapping here.

With Case Status, 93% of clients open the Case Status app and find what they are looking for without contacting their law firm.
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