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“Case Status has enabled our firm to really empower our clients to have their entire case at their fingertips anytime day or night that they choose to look into their case. It allows our clients to be constantly updated, and have a constant line of communication back and forth with our office that has really strengthened our attorney-client relationship with our clients.”
Abby Clarkson (Owner and Founder)

In order to deliver timely updates at every step in the case journey, Clarkson Law Firm was heavily reliant on providing official updates via old-fashioned letters and answering questions via the phone. An audit exposed the tremendous amount of effort tied to these methods primarily because clients would lose the letters. Since the letters contained a lot of important information, losing them prompted a lot of extra back and forth communications. In search of a better operating model that could balance the high-touch service of the brand with the need to execute cleaner, Clarkson discovered the Case Status platform could deliver the perfect balance.

Clarkson Law Firm achieves a 90%+ client adoption rate for their Case Status platform, enabling staff to utilize automation, bulk communications, and self-service updates. Clients have expressed appreciation for the app's convenience, allowing them to check their case status anytime. This led to a 90% reduction in outbound mailings, with updates available 24/7 in the app. The in-app messaging feature helps clients reach the team easily during business hours. Previously, unplanned calls disrupted the staff, but now they can focus on expediting and improving case outcomes. Clarkson Law Firm boasts an average Net Promoter Score of 75, significantly above the legal industry average of 32, and clients frequently leave 5-star reviews, enhancing the firm's ability to attract new clients.

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