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Harbin Law Office

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Criminal, DWI, DUI



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<10 Full Time Staff

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“As a firm that practices criminal defense our clients’ emotions and nerves run high as they navigate the judicial journey. With Case Status, we give them constant reminder that they hired the right team and that they are right where we expect them to be. This brings peace of mind for them and lets us focus on the important legal defense work.”
-Molly Allen (Legal Assistant at Harbin Law Office)

Earning a reputation for excellent outcomes and a client-first experience has driven growth for Harbin Law Office. As such, new case intake has always been healthy and growing. But as with any growth, the need for a small team to achieve new levels of efficiency was also imperative. Phones were ringing off the hook. Communicating with clients could eat up so much time that staff didn’t have time for important legal and admin tasks. Harbin Law Office began the search for a better, more scalable way to serve the info while delighting their clients with empathetic engagement. Case Status provided the perfect client service solution with seamless integration into their practice management software, MyCase. Just as MyCase helps the firm operate effectively in the back-office, Case Status provided the client a window into their journey. Real time updates, automated tasks and messaging, checklists, and appointment reminders are just a few of the features that helped the staff at Harbin Law Office get back to work. And their client’s love it! Case Status delivered a true win-win

A client portal's effectiveness depends on its usage, and the Case Status app excels with 5-star ratings on the Apple Store and Google Play store due to its utility and ease of use. By replacing outdated technology like email and text, the app allows clients to self-serve information, significantly reducing inbound calls. This enables the team to respond to important messages within an average of 7 hours, compared to the industry average of 48-72 hours. The app's impact is highlighted by instances where it makes a critical difference, such as providing information to incarcerated clients. Harbin Law Office has achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) more than double the legal industry average of 32, thanks to the app's 5-star experience and a people-first approach. Each of the 2200 client logins and 1200 messages sent via the platform means clients are accessing information and communicating efficiently, saving the staff valuable time for legal and client work.

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