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Schaffer & Associates LPA

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Disability, Workers' Compensation, Injury


Ohio & Michigan

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<10 Full Time Staff

Case Management Software

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“Plenty of clients have expressed through the app how much they like it and how easy it is to use. We've also had instances where clients have been unreachable through email and phone calls but will quickly respond to a message on the app. We're really glad we've implemented it.”
Hannah Tansel (Office Administrator at Schaffer & Associates LPA)

Schaffer & Associates LPA has always relied on happy client testimonials and direct client referrals. As such, new case intake has always been healthy and growing. But as with any healthy growth, the need for a small team to achieve new levels of efficiency was also growing. In addition to this firm growth there were also the external factors at play, like the Social Security Administration seeing increasing lead times, only exacerbated by the pandemic. This “perfect storm” meant more client inquiries asking for updates. Understanding that the clients would prefer to self-serve, the team at Schaffer & Associates LPA began the search for a better, more scalable way to serve the info while delighting their clients with empathetic engagement. In 2022, the firm got notice from MyCase that a new integration was available with Case Status. The team took quick notice of the 5-star rated, firm-branded client portal that was a smartphone app. Verifying high adoption rates and 5-star ratings from thousands of clients, the team took a closer look at the integration with MyCase. With automatic stage updates, real time messaging from MyCase to the App and ability to share documents, schedule appointments and track checklists, the team built a business case that would pay dividends.

A client portal is only valuable if clients use it, and with 85% adoption, Schaffer & Associates effectively contacts clients. Many clients have praised the app's ease of use, with some responding quickly to app messages when unreachable by email or phone. On days with messages from up to seven different clients, the firm saves 2.5 weeks annually, reclaiming valuable time for core legal work. The app's self-service features reduce inbound calls, allowing the team to respond to important messages within 5 hours on average, compared to the industry average of 48-72 hours. Client satisfaction ratings average 9.3 out of 10, and the net promoter score of 73 is more than double the industry average. By tracking case progress through the app, clients gain peace of mind during long waiting periods, knowing the firm is actively managing their cases.

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