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MyCase firms can radically transform Client Engagement with Case Status.

We are the Leading Client App Portal & Messaging Platform for Law Firms. Our Integration with MyCase will drive the best engagement with your clients, driving better operations, better client satisfaction scores and drive business growth.

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Adoption of the App:
Easy to Reach
Every Client, All the Time!
5 hr
Response Time
vs. Industry Average
of 48-72 hours
Weeks saved
per year -
Small firm
of 4 staff
Score vs. Industry
Average of 32

Client Engagement

We help MyCase firms drive client engagement by giving a window into all the great work your team is doing on their case. Say goodbye to emails and calls asking, "what's going on with my case?"

Enhanced Communication

We compliment MyCase with communication automation, mass messaging & a platform that is always in reach: on your client’s smartphone.

Grow The Law Firm Business

We are radically-focused on improving client satisfaction, lowering OPEX, driving 5-star reviews, & growing new business through referrals.

MyCase + Case Status in Action

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Overview Video

Get the quick overview and pains solved in about 2 minutes

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Demo Video

See both platforms in action with common use cases in about 10 minutes

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Empowering Clients Pays Dividends

Schaffer & Associates leverages MyCase & Case Status to radically transform engagement.

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CEO Video

Hear what AffiniPay CEO Dru Armstrong has to say about this powerful partnership.

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Integrate Case Status into your MyCase ecosystem

The purpose of this page is to set expectations of how to set up the integration for MyCase and how the integration works.

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Setup (Expected Time: 1 hour or less)

Requirements for full MyCase integration capabilities:

- Must have a login for an active MyCase account

- Must have a Case Status Login and must be configured prior to integration

The MyCase integration is activated by OAuth and there is no setup needed on the backend. Simply navigate to your Case Status Settings and select MyCase as the case management system under ‘integrations’.

- This will redirect you to log into your MyCase Account. Once logged in select 'Allow Access' to Case Status and the integration setup will be complete.

- It is important to ensure the MyCase account that is used for this process will always be active so the connection remains intact. We suggest using a support or admin level account for this reason.


- The firm must provide an implementation manager with 2-5 test cases, to be used for testing the integration.

- While not required, it is preferred for your Firm to give temporary MyCase access to the implementation manager in order to expedite the setup and testing process.

How the Integration Works

Once the integration has been set up, Cases can be imported into Case Status. There are two ways this can be configured:

- Import/Sync all cases: All Cases with the required fields will be imported into Case Status. The automatic sync runs nightly at 9:15 PM UTC and will import/sync all Cases. The sync can also be triggered manually at any time. The first sync will pull all cases from the last 10 years. After the first sync, the sync will only pull cases from the last 12 months. Your implementation manager can reset the sync to pull all cases from the last ten years. Duplicate cases will not be added.  

- Import/Sync Cases individually: Cases can be imported/synced individually using the integration ID within the URL in MyCase.

The integration allows for documents in Case Status to automatically sync to the Case in MyCase
- Documents will sync automatically every 20 minutes. Documents can be found in the ‘Case Documents’ tab within the associated case.

Case Status supports closed case syncing with the Case in MyCase.

When a case is closed in MyCase, it will also be closed in Case Status when the nightly sync runs.

Case Status supports stage syncing with the stages in MyCase. When a stage is updated in MyCase, the stage will update in Case Status once the case is synced.

- Case Status supports between 2 and 12 stages.

- By default, when the phase of a case is updated, the matching stage in Case Status will be updated. You can change the stage mapping within the Settings in Case Status. For example, if the case is updated to Released From Treatment, by default the integration will look for a stage in Case Status called Released From Treatment. It can instead be mapped to something like “Treatment Completed.

Field Mapping

Please refer to our help center article on MyCase field mapping here.

With Case Status, 93% of clients open the Case Status app and find what they are looking for without contacting their law firm.
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MyCase Pros and Cons

MyCase is one of the best legal softwares on the market, popular for its ease-of-use and simple interface. Lawyers love how much simpler managing their cases is when they have this system on their side. 

But the MyCase legal client app isn’t the only one option when it comes to case management software. Law firms now have many options. Considering MyCase pros and cons can help you get the best bang for your buck.

What Does MyCase Software Do?
MyCase is a legal client management software that includes document management, workflow automation, and client communication tools. It also features built-in billing and payment solutions that simplify law firm accounting and expedite invoicing. 

Designed to be an all-in-one web-based solution, MyCase helps solo and small to midsize firms tackle heavy caseloads, improve client satisfaction, and boost productivity without creating additional stress for staff. 

MyCase Pros and Cons
As you read through MyCase reviews, you’re likely to come across several common pros and cons. These include:

Good for small to midsize law firms
• User-friendly interface 
• Cloud-based storage
• Secure and encrypted messaging system
• Calendar integration
• Mobile app for on-the-go updates 

The learning curve can be steep for some firms
• Not as diverse as some competitors 
• Requires constant internet connection to access data
• Pricing may be too expensive for some small firms 

Keep in mind that MyCase pros and cons can be subjective. What one firm dislikes could be a non-issue for yours. It’s important to have a solid grasp on what you actually want from a legal client app before delving into MyCase reviews; this will help you make the most informed decision based on your needs versus others’ opinions.

You can check out our post on MyCase vs Clio to learn more about how it measures up against the industry’s number-one case management software.

Does MyCase Have a Mobile App?
MyCase has a mobile app for Apple and Android devices. You can download MyCase for free by heading to the App Store or Google Play Store. Once you login, you can access your calendar, case documents, timers, messages, and more from the comfort of your phone. This makes it great for on-the-go work and busy lawyers that often find themselves traveling.

What Is Case Management Software Used For?
Case management software automates the often cumbersome legal tasks that weigh firms down and delay outcomes for clients. They are personalized to suit each firm’s needs. They grow with your firm, often offering subscription packages that allow you to expand the software’s features as you see fit.

With a good legal case management software, you can:

Automate billing and accept legal payments — Clients can be invoiced on a schedule and pay their legal fees directly through MyCase. This generates automatic financial records for your law firm, taking the headaches out of accounting. 

• Track your time with ease —
No more manual calculations or clunky online time trackers. MyCase shows you how much time you’ve spent on each case, allowing you to manage your schedule and bill more easily. 

• Manage your legal calendar —
Instead of hoping nothing overlaps or slips through the cracks, MyCase has separate legal calendars that automatically send you reminders for appointments, events, and meetings. 

• Send real-time updates —
Give your clients fast updates about their case in seconds.

Cut down calls — No more endless ringing. With a compatible client portal, you can send and receive messages within the app, rather than trying to juggle multiple channels. 

• Lower operating expenses —
With the ability to automate so many processes, legal software helps your firm grow without increasing costs. 

How Much Is MyCase Per Month?
MyCase pricing is subscription-based. There are several packages to choose from, and you can schedule monthly payments or be billed annually. This flexibility makes it easier to choose the features you need, try out the software for a low cost, and adjust your subscription as needed.

Is MyCase Cloud-Based?
MyCase is a cloud-based legal management software. This means you don’t need to manually sync your case data or documents across devices. Any changes you make on mobile will be reflected on the website, and vice versa.

The cloud offers secure, convenient and infinite storage for your case matter. Instead of having to manage dozens of files and folders on a computer, then make backups, you can keep everything in one central location. The best part is that the cloud goes wherever you login, allowing for instant access from any device. 

MyCase document management ensures that you always have access to case matter, no matter where you are. 

Does MyCase Have a Client Portal?
Yes, MyCase features a simple client portal that allows clients to make payments and message their law firm. Although the feature is a welcome addition, the simplistic design of MyCase borders on barren. It allows clients to review recent updates and share information with their attorney, but it can seem a bit underdeveloped according to alternatives like Case Status.

There are also various MyCase integrations that can make the app even better; for example, Case Status has a fast, easy integration with MyCase that allows you to enhance the client portal and turn it into a one-stop shop for all your clients’ legal questions. Case Status helps boost client engagement, gather feedback, and keep messaging all in one place for your firm. 

What Is the Most Popular Legal Software? 
There are dozens of legal software to choose from, including Clio, CasePEER, RocketMatter, MyCase and Smokeball. 

The top-rated legal software also features integrations with supportive legal software, like Case Status, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Word. Choosing the best type of software ultimately depends on the size of your firm, your budget, and the specific tasks you want to automate and improve. 

We recommend booking a free demo to learn more about software that interests you. At Case Status, we’re always happy to provide firms with a personalized tour to show them how our software can improve client satisfaction. Contact us today to book a call! 

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