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Consumers spend 5 hours a day on their smartphones,
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The best brands deliver an App that matches their brand experience.

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Neos firms can reimagine Client Service by leveraging Case Status.

We are the Leading Client App Portal & Messaging Platform for Law Firms. Our Integration with Neos will radically transform how easily you can engage with your clients in a more delightful way and driving business growth.

Client Engagement

We help Neos firms drive client engagement by giving a window into all the great work your team is doing on their case. Say goodbye to emails and calls asking, "what's going on with my case?"

Enhanced Communication

We compliment Neos with communication automation, mass messaging & a platform that is always in reach: on your client’s smartphone via a 5-star App.

Grow The Law Firm Business

We are radically-focused on improving client satisfaction, lowering OPEX, driving 5-star reviews, & growing new business through referrals.

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Cloud-based case management software powered by customer innovation. Customization, automation, and streamlined workflows all work together to supercharge your firm’s productivity throughout the client lifecycle. Neos accommodates your needs, not the the other way around.  Built by lawyers, for lawyers.

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  • Firm Management: Track marketing results, anticipated settlements, & staff efficiency and more to keep your finger on the pulse of your firm.

  • Case Management: Proficiently move your cases forward to generate better outcomes.

  • Intake: Turbocharge intake efficiency to find and sign up the cases you want.

Ready to Integrate Case Status into your Neos ecosystem

Read on. The next section is technical in nature and gives guidelines about: (1) how to set up the integration for Neos and (2) details of how it works.

Setup (Expected Time: 1 -2 hours)

The Case Status Customer Success team will help with the details of set up. The biggest piece of information they will need is the "Company ID." Once they have that, they can go through the handful of steps with the Neos API to get integration up and running.

Importing Cases

Once the integration has been configured, cases can be imported using the nightly sync, manual all case sync, or individual case sync. The requirements for importing a case are the same as all integrations.

You will need the following in order to import:
1. A Primary Attorney tied to the case that exists in the Case Status firm
2. A client with a valid cell phone
3. Practice Areas & Stages may be required depending on the integration settings that are configured for the firm

To import an individual case, you will need to grab the GUI from the case URL as seen below.

Primary Attorneys
The attorney that will be recognized as the ‘Primary’ in our system is indicated by the ‘Primary’ flag within Neos. This flag will not display on the case itself and instead will be visible by navigating to Settings > Case Types > {Case Type} > General >> Staff AssignmentsCurrently Case Status will not create Primary Attorneys from Neos. They must exist prior to importing a case.

Status Syncing
The Case Status stages are mapped to the Neos ‘phase’ which can be seen on the ‘Activity Feed’ section from within a case.

In order to change the phase of a case, the firm user must complete all checklist items for a phase. Once these have all been marked as done, the case will move to the next phase. The checklist items associated with a phase can be seen on the ‘Checklist’ tab of a case.

Messaging & Document Sync
Messages that are sent by clients/firm users will appear in the ‘Notes’ section of the Case. Each message will be its own note and will indicate who the sender of the message is within the body of the note.These will be synced back to Neos every 2 minutes.

Field Mapping & Details

Please refer to our help center article on Neos field mapping click here.

With Case Status, 93% of clients open the Case Status app and find what they are looking for without contacting their law firm.
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