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April 2023 Case Status Product Update

April 2023 Case Status Product Update

Wow, is it already time for May flowers?  Here is your April 2023 Case Status Product Update

  • Join us in May for our next webinar focused Case Status University - all the new and enhanced traiining available to our customers!  Register here
  • Catch up on year-to-date webinars  
    • January: Best Practice - Client adoption of the mobile app 
    • February: Best Practice - Optimization: Checklists, automation, appointments
    • March: Best Practice - Optimization: Share Status, Message Templates, On-hold, After-Hours, Dashboards & Firm Insights
    • April: Launch of Real-Time Translation and Co-Counsel

This Month's Updates:

Real-Time Translation is now Generally Available!

We are excited to announce the launch of newest feature: Real-Time Translation! Does your firm encounter clients whose native language is not English? If yes then Case Status is here to help bridge the communication gap between those clients and members of your firm. 

Real-Time Translation can be configured at the firm, practice area, and case level. It supports 138 different dialects that can be set across your cases. Once enabled, firms can use this feature to translate one to one or bulk messages into the language of their clients. A few highlights of this feature include:

  • Support for filtering & sorting cases by language
  • Ability to translate message templates within one-to-one messages and bulk messages
  • Support for short codes within translated messages
  • Ability to preview and edit translations before they are sent
  • Ability to turn on auto-translate which will automatically translate client messages. For integrated firms the original and translated message will sync back to your CMS

Resources:  WebsiteOverview Video, Demo Video

And here is an awesome example of Promotion by one of our Immigration Firm Customers - Link

If you are interested in getting your firm access to Real-Time Translation, fill out this form and our team will follow up with you.

Sync your case with a click of a button

For our integrated firms, you will now notice a new 'Sync ' button within your case. This will allow you to update your cases to reflect the data in your CMS with the click of a button. Once the sync button is clicked we will display a success or error message.

Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

Additional Filter for Active Cases

We are working on adding a new filter to the Cases page to help enable our firms further to scope to only cases that have been sent an invite to Case Status. Now you will be able to filter and bulk message only the cases that have been activated, ensuring that no new uninvited clients receive messages before they are ready to join the platform. 

Ability for admin users to view ALL unread messages

For our admin Case Status firm users, keeping tabs on all firm cases to ensure clients receive timely responses can be a difficult challenge. Currently the Case Status system allows users to filter Cases to only those with unread messages. Admin users however, often need to a more global view of the communications of all cases. 

We will be adding a filter that will be permission based and will allow certain users to view cases with unread messages so they can address any lags in communication. This was a feature that we anticipated to launch in April but will now be launched beginning of May - so stay tuned!

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