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April 2024 Case Status Product Updates

Happy Spring!

We're thrilled to present our April 2024 Case Status Product update, but before we dive in, let's look back at some March highlights:

  • Smokeball Launch: Discover the future of client communications with Smokeball. In our recent webinar, we discussed changing consumer trends and actionable strategies to boost client satisfaction. If you missed it, catch the on-demand recording and explore the dynamic partnership between Case Status and Smokeball, plus hear a real-life success story from Meeks Impact Law. Watch the on-demand recording now and learn more about Smokeball + Case Status' partnership.

And don't forget all your other great resources:

  • Current and Past events
    • Access a mix of thought leadership, integration partners, and customer webinars here.
  • Case Status University
    • Check out free training videos and value-add options here.
  • Customer Referral Program
    • Know another firm that could benefit from Case Status? Log your referral and we will put $ toward your subscription. Elevate your brand and drive growth in exciting new ways. Check out the program here

Now, here is your March 2024 Case Status Product Update:

This Month's Updates:


We are excited to announce the launch of CaseyAI, a Legal Client Artificial Intelligence engine which is the first & only AI focused on Legal Client Engagement. 

CaseyAI is built into Case Status and powers a new suite of capabilities & enhancements that complement the core features of our software platform. Together, the new combined capabilities will continue to take your client engagement to the next level and continue our mission to radically transform the way you engage with your clients.

CaseyAI is already powering CaseyAI Translate™ (formerly known as Real-Time Translation.)  This month, CaseyAI will be powering two new capabilities: CaseyAI Response™ & the voice and tone of CaseyAI™. 

CaseyAI Response™ - Case Status already simplifies client messaging by consolidating communications into the highly-rated App.  Now, as client messages come in, CaseyAI provides law firm staff pre-drafted replies that use learning models to predict the most likely and best response.  Staff can review and modify before sending, or even change the tone or voice. CaseyAI fuels the best possible responses based on multiple, learned factors reducing the workload of the staff member. The legal team will always have the final revision of the final response before it's sent.

Get an exclusive look at CaseyAI at our live webinar happening Thursday, April 18th at 1 pm EST. Don't miss out—join the Case Status team and staff from Dagget Schuler and hear their first-hand experience with CaseyAI. This is more than a live event; it's a glimpse into the future of legal client engagement. RSVP today!

V2 of Case Status for Google Chrome

Overwhelmed by the fantastic response to the debut of Case Status for Google Chrome, we knew we had to take things up a notch! Your positive feedback was our inspiration to pour our efforts into making the V2 of our extension even more exceptional.

We're thrilled to introduce a host of new features designed to further streamline your browsing experience. With a new tab for appointment management, internal messaging including notifications for NPS feedback and treatment logs, and a dedicated space for adding and managing collaborators, we're elevating productivity right from your browser.

Simply visit the Google Chrome Store to download the extension and unlock a new level of efficiency in client management.

Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

Appointment Confirmation

Exciting developments are underway this month as we gear up to introduce our latest feature: Appointment Confirmation. 

We're thrilled to offer firms the ability to streamline their appointment management process even further. With this new feature, firms can now indicate whether an appointment requires a 'confirmation' request before the scheduled time. Just like the familiar text messages you receive for dinner reservations, clients will be prompted to confirm their attendance. In the event of a scheduling conflict or non-confirmation, our system will automatically notify staff members, ensuring seamless communication and efficient scheduling.

Stay tuned as we roll out this game-changing feature, poised to revolutionize appointment management for all of our firms.

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