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August 2023 Case Status Product Update

Greetings to the entire Case Status Family. Here is your August 2023 Case Status Product Update

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This Month's Updates:

Client Contact Updates to Sync to Case Status

We have added a new feature to ALL integrations that allows for updates to client contact information to sync and update the client record in Case Status. This will help minimize the places firms need to update important contact information. Now updating it in your Case Management System will sync over to Case Status when the case syncs. This includes updates to the clients

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Cell Phone
  • Email Address

If you would like this enabled for your firms, please reach out to our support team and they will be happy to turn this feature on.

Client Activity Feed for Litify iFrame

The Client Activity Feed has now been added to the Litify iFrame! For any of our firms that use Litify or Salesforce as their Case Management System, you will see a new tab in the iFrame displaying the activities the client has performed in the web and mobile app. 

For more information on what activities we track and the categories they are grouped into, please visit the help article below.

Client Activity Help Article

Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

Integration Updates

For our integrated firms we are making two new updates to our CASEpeer and our Neos integration.


We are working with the team at CASEpeer to create notifications within CASEpeer when a message is synced over from Case Status. This will be a configuration users can set within the CASEpeer system to determine who receives notifications. These will only notify those users when a client message is synced back to the system.


Our newest integration will soon have two new features added to it. The first will be notifications when messages are synced back to the Neos Case Management System from Case Status. These will only notify users if the message being synced back is a client message and if the user has notifications turned on in Case Status.

The second update will be an indicator in Neos of the last login date of the client. This will indicate whether the client has adopted Case Status and logged into either the mobile or web app. 

Dedicated Document Section in Mobile

In September we will be releasing a long awaited mobile feature: The ability to filter the message thread to view only the files and documents sent and received by the client. 

This feature will allow both client and attorney users to easily search for files and further filter them by type and the user who sent the file. Users will also be able to view or download the files. All of these will make it infinitely easier for clients and firm users to find previously sent collateral rather than having to scroll through their messages to locate it.

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