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January 2024 Case Status Product Update

Hello from the Case Status team.

We are excited to bring you our first update of 2024.  Before we get to your January 2024 Case Status Product Update, let's recap a few resources we think will get your year started right.

Customer Webinar: Check out the replay of a discussion with Pond Lehocky Giordano (PLG) in December, our first law firm customer to reach the milestone of 1 Million client logins. This extraordinary achievement is a testament to their unwavering dedication to the client experience. It's a shining example of how a firm who delivers great legal services via client service technology can yield happy clients who, in turn, bring additional benefits to the firm. You will hear directly from the leaders at PLG about what this 1 million means for them and what it can mean for you.  You have the same tools they have.  Take a listen to learn how they combine technology, team and culture to drive amazing results.   Register here for the Ondemand replay.

And don't forget all your other great resources:

  • Current and Past events
    • Access a mix of thought leadership, integration partners, and customer webinars here.
  • Case Status University
    • Check out free training videos and value-add options here.
  • Customer Referral Program
    • Know another firm that could benefit from Case Status?  Log your referral and we will put $ toward your subscription.  Elevate your brand and drive growth in exciting new ways. Check out the program here.

Now, here is your January 2024 Case Status Product Update

This Month's Updates:

Throughout December our team focused on enhancing two of our current integrations; MerusCase and Clio. The goal of December was to build on these current integrations to ensure seamless connectivity between our platforms. Check out the details below on all of the exciting enhancements to these two integrations.

Calendar Integrations for MerusCase & Clio

We have released a brand new calendar integration for all of our MerusCase and Clio Customers!


If your team uses both the Clio calendar feature as well as Case Status appointments, your days of double data entry are over! The calendar sync for Clio allows events created in Clio to be synced back to Case Status.

Firms can choose which events they would like to sync back to Case Status and what type of event they should be associated with. Once configured, events in Clio will be created for activated cases in Case Status when the nightly sync runs. The nightly sync will also capture any updates to these events.


If your team uses the MerusCase Calendar for events but also uses the Case Status appointments feature, you can say goodbye to duplicate data entry! The calendar sync for MerusCase allows events created in MerusCase to be synced back to Case Status. 

Firms can choose which events they would like to sync back to Case Status and what type of event they should be associated with. Once configured, if an event exists on a case in MerusCase it will be created for the case in Case Status as long as it has been activated. This creation will occur when the nightly sync run which will also capture any updates to the event.

MerusCase Stage Mapping Enhancement

At Case Status, we recognize that the utilization of a Case Management System varies from one firm to another. Understanding the diverse needs of our users, we prioritize making our platform as flexible as possible. 

This need for flexibility resulted in an integration enhancement for MerusCase; The ability to map stages to either the 'Case Progress' bar or the 'Case Status' dropdown within MerusCase. Both of these options can be configured by your Case Status Customer Support Team, so please reach out if you have any questions. 

Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

Case Status Chrome Extension

Exciting developments are underway at Case Status this month as we eagerly work on bringing you a seamless and enhanced user experience.

We're thrilled to announce that we are in the process of building a cutting-edge Chrome extension for our platform, set to revolutionize the way you interact with our features. With this extension, users will have quick and convenient access to our powerful messaging capabilities as well as the client activity feed, checklist items, and much more!

Stay tuned for this game-changing addition to the Case Status experience!

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