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June 2023 Case Status Product Update

June 2023 Case Status Product Update

Happy Summer to the Case Status Family.  Here is your June 2023 Case Status Product Update

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This Month's Updates:

Ability for admin users to view ALL unread messages

We have released our newest feature to help admin users monitor and ensure clients receive timely responses to their questions. Once the permission is added, users will be able to filter to see any cases that have unread message notifications; indicating that the client may still need a response. Admin users can then coach their teams to expedite responses, or even respond to the client themselves and clear the notification for their team. 

If any of your users need this feature enabled and do not see the filter option below, please reach out to our team to have this added to your preferred permission set.

Bulk Action Display Updates

Great news - our bulk actions are getting a facelift! The selection window as well as each individual action are currently being updated for a new and improved user interface. We have also added a breadcrumb to the top so that users can easily navigate back to the bulk actions menu and select a new action. 

We will continue to release further tweaks and updates to this including a new and improved screen to update the staff assignments on your cases.

Attorney App - Mobile Push Notification Updates

We have released an update to our mobile push notifications, catered towards our firm users who use our mobile application. Now when receiving a new message, the client name will be included in the push notification to ensure you users know which case the message pertains to and can quickly navigate to that case to respond.

Integration Updates

Assembly Neos Integration is now Live!

We have completed the buildout for our Neos Integration and it is now live! Now firm users that use Neos as their CMS will be able to sync cases from Neos to Case Status. All messages and documents sent/received through Case Status will be synced back into Neos.  Check out all our awesome resources here.

Ability to View & Edit Integration IDs

Integrated firms will now be able to view the 'Integration ID' of their case within Case Status. This will allow firms to identify which case in their CMS the case in Case Status is linked to. For users with the proper permissions, that field will also be editable so that updates can be made to the integration ID if the case is not mapper properly. 

Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

More Practice Area Flexibility!

Practice Area Transitions

In July we will be releasing even more flexibility for mapping Practice Areas and Stages. With this new feature, firms will be configure certain stage changes to also trigger the case to transition to a different Practice Area.

This will be extremely helpful for situations when different client journeys within one Practice Area might move the client into a different Practice Area. Currently this is a completely manual process. Soon this will be automated and any stage changes in a firms CMS will be able to change the Practice Area and Stage in Case Status.

Stage Configuration Enhancements

We will be enhancing the ease at which stages can be moved and deleted from within the Practice Area Setup window. Currently only stages at the end of the Practice Area can be deleted. Come July, users will be able to delete any stage within a Practice Area thus moving the cases in that stage to the next stage. Additionally, stages will now be moveable regardless of whether their are cases already tied to the stage. 

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