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June 2024 Case Status Product Update

Hello, sweet summertime!

We're thrilled to present our June 2024 Case Status Product update, but before we dive in, let's look back at some highlights:

  • Quarterly Client Engagement Innovation Webinar Series: In this webinar we reviewed the latest enhancements and focused on use cases that drive client engagement. Attendees explored innovation updates and our roadmap, as well as, heard from Olinsky Law Group about their transformative experience with Case Status and Litify. Catch up on these updates by watching it on-demand now!

  • From Crisis to Champion, Uniting Bankruptcy Law, Strategic Marketing, and Customer Delight: Case Status and Convert It Marketing explored the latest bankruptcy trends and the essential role of strategic, full-cycle marketing in gaining and retaining market share during challenging times. Whether you're a legal professional navigating bankruptcy law or looking to enhance your market impact, this webinar offers invaluable strategies. Watch it now!

  • Innovate & Integrate with Case Status and Assembly Neos: Watch this on demand webinar to get the latest integration updates from Assembly Neos and discover how the Jason E. Taylor Law Firm simplified client interactions using the integrated tech stack of Neos and Case Status. Also, learn how they accessed top engagement tools, seamlessly synced data, saved over 400 staff hours, and utilized automated updates to boost client satisfaction and business outcomes. Don't miss out—catch up on it now!

  • Mastering Collaboration, Leveraging Outside Counsel with Case Status & Lexamica: In this webinar, we unveiled a game-changing strategic approach to seamlessly integrating outside counsel into your legal team. Also, we discovered the benefits of bringing in outside counsel, leveraging Case Status for seamless communication, and using Lexamica to find the perfect match for your case needs. View it on-demand now!

And don't forget all your other great resources:

  • Current and Past events

    • Access a mix of thought leadership, integration partners, and customer webinars here.

  • Case Status University

    • Check out free training videos and value-add options here.

  • Customer Referral Program

    • Know another firm that could benefit from Case Status? Log your referral and we will put $ toward your subscription. Elevate your brand and drive growth in exciting new ways. Check out the program here

Now, here is your June 2024 Case Status Product Update:

This Month's Updates:

We’ve been busy this June, bringing you a bunch of exciting updates that are set to make your experience smoother and more efficient. Let’s dive into what’s new!

Integration Enhancements:

  • Filevine Custom Field Mapping: We know that not all firms use the standard 'phase' or 'project type' fields in Filevine to represent case status and practice areas. That’s why we’ve updated our integration to support custom fields! This means we can now configure your settings in the backend, ensuring your cases sync over correctly. No more workarounds—just seamless integration tailored to your needs.

  • Salesforce Appointment Syncing: Say goodbye to duplicate data entry! Our new Salesforce integration includes an apex class that lets you create an appointment in Salesforce and have it automatically imported and synced to Case Status. Create it once, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

  • Smokeball Staff Customization: We’ve also made Smokeball integration more flexible. You can now customize which staff members get imported and synced into our system based on their roles. Want only paralegals to be synced to a case? No problem. Just configure it as a firm setting and you’re all set!

  • Other Enhancements

    • Smarter AI with GPT-4o We’ve upgraded our AI model for Casey Response to the new GPT-4o! This upgrade makes our Recommended Response feature 50% faster and significantly improves the tone, making it less robotic and more conversational. Your staff will now have even better, more natural suggested responses for inbound client messages and questions.
      These updates are all about making your workflow smoother and your client interactions more engaging. We're excited for you to experience these enhancements and see the difference they make! Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, we love hearing your feedback. Happy integrating!

Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

  • Translation for Mobile: We’re thrilled to announce that our mobile app will soon support user translated content into their native language! Users will be able to select their preferred language with ease and then click the message or stage description and see it translated in real time. This feature will make communication smoother and more inclusive for everyone. We can’t wait to see how this enhances your interactions!
    Extended Frequencies for Automations: Managing case communications is about to get even more flexible. We’re expanding our automation capabilities to include additional frequencies. Soon, you’ll be able to schedule automated messages to send every X days, repeat every X weeks, or even every X months. This means you can tailor your communications to fit the unique timelines of each case effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual scheduling and hello to more efficient, hands-off case management.

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