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October 2023 Case Status Product Update

Hello from the Case Status team.

We are excited to bring you this October 2023 Case Status Product Update

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This Month's Updates:

Treatment Log Notifications & Syncing

A long awaited feature has been released and is now ready to use: Creation of Treatment Log Notifications & Syncing!

This feature enables firms to stay on top of their clients treatment journey to better monitor how their treatment is progressing throughout the case. 

Once configured, when a treatment is logged by either a staff member of a client, a notification will be created in the 'Internal Messaging' tab of a case. The notification will contain all aspects of the treatment log including:

  • Office Name
  • Address
  • Date/Time of Appointment
  • Visit Report
  • Feeling Rating on a scale from Terrible - Great

Additionally, if your firm has an integration these notifications can be configured to post back to your Case Management System. If you already have NPS notifications posting back to your CMS, no further configuration will be needed to sync these messages back. 

This will allow firms to store the entire personal injury journey within a centralized location inside their Case Management System.

If you wish to have treatment notifications and syncing enabled for your firm, please reach out to our Customer Success team to have this activated. 

Mobile Document Viewing, Filtering, & Sorting

Managing documents within the Case Status mobile app is now easier than ever with our enhanced document viewing and filtering feature! Both client and staff users will now notice that there is a search bar at the top along with a hamburger menu that will open up a new filtering modal. This modal will allow users to filter the following attributes to aid in quickly locating previously sent files.

  • View Orientation: Vertical vs. Horizontal (grid)
  • Content Type: All (messages & documents) vs. Documents
  • Media Type: Photos vs. Videos vs. Files
  • Posted By: Myself vs. My Team (attorneys & paralegals)

Sneak Peek: What we're working on this month

Calendar Integrations for MerusCase & Clio

In November we will be starting to build out the infrastructure to support calendar integrations! This will help our firms mitigate any duplicate data entry by automatically bringing in events created within their CMS into Case Status. We will be expanding this feature to various Case Management Systems but will be starting off with MerusCase & Clio. This will greatly increase our firms efficiency when it comes to managing appointments for and with their clients. 

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