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Unlocking the Potential of MyCase Software

When you want to improve your law firm, it can be hard to know precisely where to start. There are so many types of legal software available, such as MyCase Software, but integrating them and justifying each purchase can be a real challenge.

One issue firms find themselves facing is having too many options. They may have invested in software only to find that it’s too much effort juggling different programs at once. Or they haven’t been able to find the time to set up the tools, so they still do work manually and miss out on the benefits of legal management software. 

For those that want straightforward and intuitive legal software, MyCase is a great choice. It’s a direct, user-friendly legal case management software that helps law firms work faster. 

What Does Legal Practice Management Software Do?

So many people are unaware of the amount of work it takes to manage a law firm. If only your job was as easy as filling out some documents and going to court! The reality that many clients don’t realize is that law firm management is extremely time-consuming and multifaceted. 

With so many moving parts, many firms fall behind their tech-savvy competitors. From billing to calendaring, time tracking and writing documents, it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a week to run your business.

To help law firms modernize and become more efficient, legal practice management software emerged. It is primarily automated, which means you can turn your most time-consuming tasks over to the computer and focus on doing the work you actually want to do. 

What Does MyCase Software Do?

MyCase has three core pillars: 

  1. Case Management 
  2. Client Communication
  3. Billing and Payment Services 

MyCase reviews often delve further into each one, offering details about their document management, billing services, or messaging features. These reviews can be a good way to learn more about MyCase and even hear from real lawyers how it helped their firm. 

Mycase Software

Case Management Software for Law Firms

With MyCase, you can keep your case matter organized and make sure every detail is accounted for. The calendaring software keeps track of all your appointments and sends automatic reminders, so you never miss a deadline. 

You can also divide your calendar into various categories, so nothing overlaps. With built-in workflow automation, you can create re-usable templates that follow court rules in all 50 states. 

Set your own personal “triggers,” which activate a workflow, and let MyCase handle the rest. Thanks to custom intake forms, you can also make onboarding clients ten times easier and less time-consuming. 

Document management is another key feature in MyCase; it’s cloud-based, automated, and offers valuable case insights that ensure you never overlook something vital again. 

Client Communication

MyCase has its own text-based messaging system and a client portal. This portal allows your clients to communicate directly with your firm, eliminating the need to call in or send an email. 

You can also share upcoming tasks and documents with clients, as well as receive files that you need to progress their case. 

The MyCase client portal provides a solid set of features, but there are cases where the firm is looking for a more robust client engagement software solution. That’s where we come in and the strategic partnership between MyCase and Case Status. Case Status is the the leading legal client engagement software solution. Yes we have a portal, but there is so much more. Case Status integrates with MyCase, optimizing it further with personalized information, case updates, automations, translation, AI, bulk messaging, client feedback tracking and a way to nurture happy clients. This "front-office" prowess is a stellar compliment to the back-office prowess that MyCase brings to the table.  

Billing and Payments

Say goodbye to tedious invoicing and time tracking. MyCase offers legal billing software that streamlines the entire process. You can keep track of your hours, automatically create and send invoices, and collect payments through LawPay, part of the Affinipay family of brands. 

The end-to-end law firm accounting software also helps you keep more accurate documents and manage your business better. You can also easily sync MyCase with QuickBooks for convenient, accurate billing and budgeting.

How Much Is MyCase Per Month?

Check out the MyCase website for the most current pricing. MyCase pricing starts at $49 a month. If you pay annually, plans start at $39/month. You can scale your subscription to unlock more features, like advanced search, custom text fields on forms, and more automation tools. The Pro plan offers client intake, case management, and billing for $79 a month. 

When comparing MyCase pros and cons, it can be helpful to note the price of each platform you compare it to, as well as the features you get with each one. This will allow you to determine which legal client app offers the most utility for your money. Keep in mind that to use integrations with MyCase you have to be at least on the second level of subscription tier. This is important for firms that seek to use Case Status.

How Much Should I Pay for Legal Software? 

It’s common for firms to assume that the most expensive option is the best, but this is not always the case. You don’t want to waste money paying for features you won’t use, or ones that simply aren’t necessary for your business.

Before you invest in a plan, make sure you explore a software’s features in-depth so you can understand what each one does and how it could help your firm. When in doubt, start with the most basic subscription and upgrade if you have to. MyCase is a great value for the price.

What Is the Most Popular Legal Software? 

The top-rated legal software on the market includes the Affinipay family of brands: MyCase, CASEpeer and Docketwise. These are CRM platforms that allow you to automate and streamline most of your firms’ administrative tasks and vary based on the type of practice area you are in. For example, CASEpeer is designed specifically for personal injury firms and docketwise is targeted at immigration.

There is also a wide range of legal software designed to perform specific tasks, like marketing or client communication. Case Status is the best law firm client portal that easily integrates with all of these platforms, including the Mycase software. 

The integration process allows you to enjoy all of MyCase’s features while making your firm’s client experience truly remarkable. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect with Case Status:

  • Real-time translation for 138 languages 
  • Secure, automated messaging with templates 
  • Client feedback tracking 
  • Mobile client portal 
  • Step-by-step case timelines for each client 
  • Automate client data and document requests 

It is easier than ever to keep your clients informed with Case Status, a legal client app. We help firms save hundreds of hours every year on repetitive tasks. We make business easier for law firms and better for their clients.

Learn more about the Case Status and MyCase integration! 

Watch a demo and learn how we can integrate your MyCase portal with Case Status in an hour or less. Contact us today to schedule a call. 

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