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Clio: An In-Depth Look at the Firms That Utilize Clio

Which Firms use Clio?

Clio is the top-rated legal software on the market, and it’s used by some of the biggest law firms in America (and the world). Why do top firms love Clio? All the integrations and features allow them to simplify and streamline their processes without throwing a wrench in their current operations.

For law firms, adopting technology is often a major challenge because of the steep learning curve. But the Clio app is an advanced, user-friendly suite of applications that are designed for speed and efficiency. Getting started is simple, and within a matter of hours, your law firm could be automating tasks that previously took 10-30 hours a week to perform. Really. 

If you’re shopping around, it can be helpful to explore what software law firms use to see which one could be right for your office.

How Many Law Firms Use Clio?

Over 150,000 legal professionals around the world have adopted Clio legal software into their daily practices. From solo firms to mid-size and nationwide firms, Clio has something for everyone.

It’s not just American law firms using Clio, though. The software is available in 90 countries. Because Clio is so versatile, law firms around the world and in every legal specialty have integrated it into their practice.

Clio’s Case Studies page reveals dozens of firms using the platform. Each case takes a deep dive into how Clio’s software helped transform firms. With over 90 bar associations, Clio is the world’s top legal platform and the most reliable legal management platform.


What Is Clio Used For?

Clio is a collection of legal software that helps automate redundant tasks, boost client satisfaction, and make law firm management easier. It’s widely used by small and large firms to manage case matters, send invoices, request e-signatures, and even automate and enhance the client intake process.

The customization options of Clio make it a great choice for any legal professional who want to simplify their workloads so they can focus on their cases. Clio Manage is the all-in-one solution that offers calendaring, case management, document management, collaboration with other firms, and even medical records and settlement management.

For those that want to grow their practice without the stress and costs of a marketing agency, Clio Grow is the best customer relationship management (CRM) tool for lawyers. It simplifies the complex tasks of law firm marketing so even solo attorneys can start attracting clients online.

Firm reports deliver custom insights that help you monitor growth, stay on top of finances, and manage your firm more efficiently. The mobile app allows you to take your firm on the go and manage it remotely. 

Because Clio’s data is hosted virtually in the cloud, everything updates automatically. This means you never have to deal with the headache of manually syncing your documents and case matter across software or devices again. (Phew!).

Why Do Lawyers Use Clio?

Lawyers use Clio software to make managing their firm easier. They want to optimize client intake, rank higher on Google, simplify document management, and take the drudgery out of writing the same documents over and over again or filling out court forms. 

Many lawyers also choose Clio to run their small law firm like a large-scale business. They may not have the skills to perform certain tasks, or they can’t afford to bring on a paralegal or secretary. So, they turn to Clio to make client intake, document management, and even billing a breeze.

 It is easy to customize Clio to suit your needs. And as your firm grows, the platform can grow with you. Pricing is straightforward — you can get started with a basic package that’s just $39 a month and increase your subscription to unlock more features as they’re necessary.

How Does Clio for Clients Work?

Using a CRM like Clio for small firms can increase client satisfaction by improving case management. It can also improve communication and reduce repeat questions thanks to the Clio client portal.

But if you are a firm that wants to go the extra mile with client communication features, you can pair Clio with Case Status. As the leading legal client app, we help firms save time and money while empowering clients.

With Case Status, a client can get real-time updates and see every step of their case laid out for them. Case Status prides itself on making complex legal matters simpler for both lawyers and clients.

Thanks to the secure messaging and document management tools, you can request and receive files, stay in touch, and simplify complicated tasks in minutes. Furthermore, being able to pair Case Status with Clio can make billing and payments even easier.

Because Case Status is designed for lawyers but optimized for clients, it helps firms increase their customer satisfaction tenfold.

The data speaks for itself; net promoter score (NPS) is a marketing metric that reveals how loyal customers are to a company and how likely they are to recommend them. Among firms using Case Status and Clio, the average NPS is 73 versus the industry-average of 32. 

Response times also tend to improve drastically with Case Status. Instead of waiting 24-48 hours to hear back from their firm, most clients get a response in just 5 hours.

We help firms save weeks of time every year, so they can focus on providing the best legal service to their clients. Thanks to our easy Clio integration, you can maximize your case files, improve document management, and delight your clients like never before.

 Watch a demo to see how Case Status and Clio work together. If you’re ready to learn more, you can also contact us to schedule a free discovery call.

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